Weird Bidding

  1. Hi all, I found an item that I wanted on eBay and it was in a coutry that doesnt have their own eBay site and is maybe seen as a poorer country that others. This didnt bother me, I dont go by that. But not alot of items on eBay are from this country.

    Anyway I bid and bid, my bids were early and the item was on a cheap. Then the bidding went private because it became over a certain amount. So I didnt mind, then I looked and I saw someone had bid over me, we ended up having a bidding war and this person was bidding over me every 30 seconds.

    So after that I hit my price limit and had to let it go. Then when the bidders were revealed, it was only two people bidding, me and another member with 1 feedback and was from the same country as what the item was from.

    Now what are the chances of that happening ??, Im really pissed, I think this seller was shilling. :cursing:
  2. Well, there is certainly a chance of that happening legitimately... however, I'd wait to see what happens next. If you get a second chance offer for the item prior to 7 days after the auction, I would be suspicious that the winning bidder was shill bidding. I wouldn't accept the offer and take my chances that the item will be relisted and you can buy it at a more reasonable price. If you don't get an offer, then see if the winning bidder leaves feedback in the future, which probably means the transaction was legitimate.
  3. i've seen that happen before. i retracted my bid and then the seller ended up winning the bag w/her own extra account (or friend's account). i never want to deal with those types of situations. better to just not buy from people who do that!
  4. Sounds very odd to me....
  5. That IS weird... I'd be weary if you are offered a second chance offer, or if the item is re-listed. Sounds like they were shilling, but I could be wrong.
  6. Well it might be a poor country but surely if one person can find their way to Ebay to sell another can find their way there to buy? Maybe the buyer wanted that auction because the shipping would be cheaper? Anyway check it out as everyone else said and see. But it doesn't sound that weird to me.
  7. Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F#0^~#" Pissed. This item has just been re-listed, what can I do ?? there was def shilling going on
  8. I'm not sure what country you are talking about but I now live in Manila (and the Philippines I'm sure would fall under the "poorer country" category) and the ebay system here is a bit strange. For 1, no listing fees (so you can list as often as you want), but also 2, no paypal. I tried putting up a couple of auctinos here but got strange bids, just as you described, from 0 or 1 feedback-bidders, who kept driving up the price (and worried me that they would end up not paying). Anyway, there are many situations where the winning bidder will do a "meet up" with the seller (a lot of transactions are handled in cash due to the absence of paypal) and sometimes they will refuse to pay or have buyer's remorse, so a lot of sellers end up relisting.
    I'm not saying there was no shill bidding going on, but there are quite a lot of legitimate situations in which something like this might occur. Which makes local ebay not a very fun place to trade.
  9. it might not be shill bidding because you would have definately got a second chance offer if that was the case.
  10. Not necessarily, they may have just felt that the highest offer the real bidder made wasn't high enough. They will try again until they sucker someone into paying the price they want. The way to prove it would be if the re-listed auction ends up going the same way, esp with the same 'shill bidder', then you should def report, although there's little to stop them opening a new account and doing it again.
  11. I'd stay away from it. It sounds too fishy.
  12. Hopefully whatever you bid on will come around again thru another seller. I would definitely avoid the relist.