Weird best offer. Is it from a hijacked account?

  1. I have a bag listed on eBay with BIN $900 (immediate payment required) and best offer. I received quite some offers. But one of buyer has only 4 feedbacks, and the most recent feedback was given in 2004. I looked up his/her recent transactions. There has none. This buyer gave the best offer of $900 instead of BIN. I have a doubt if this account has been hijacked. Am I too suspicious?
  2. Nothing wrong with being cautious, but I would assume that some don't buy or sell regularly.
  3. What's her ID? I ask coz my friend recenntly get offer for $850 while her BIN is $850. I pretty sure that's the way to avoid immediately payment required. Beware of NPB :yucky:
  4. The id is cmunoa