Weird Arm Pain?

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  1. Anyone else had/having anything like this? My left arm is throbbing and sore. The color looks fine and I haven't DONE anything except sit at work. It starts at my index finger and goes to the shoulder. Kind of tingly too. Hmmm... Called and left a message with the nurse, but they won't call back until tomorrow.
  2. Sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome.
    I read somewhere people can feel symptoms during pregnacy, or if you have been diagnosed, it can feel worse.
    Look it up on the internet.
    I read this because I have been recently been diagnosed with the condition. It makes my fingers numb and it feels like my arm is alseep. Tingles shoot up and down my arm on a bad day. I sleep with a splint on my wrist.
    Lots of people have carpel tunnel to some degree.
  3. Yup, it's carpal tunnel! I went to the Dr. this AM and got a lovely brace to wear at all times. At least it's black!!

    Thanks, Shyloo!
  4. ohhhhh i remember this......i had the pain and tinglie sensation all through my pregnancy......good luck ---- mine went away AFTER my daughter was born....but then again it got replaced with muscle pain from carrying her!!!!

    congrats on your baby!!!!! =D
  5. I'm glad you found out and I hope it gets better away after your baby is born.
    Try and set up your home and office computer so its carpel friendly and wear that brace especially at night.
    I have it in both arms (i'm a chef, so its a byproduct of my work) and just manage it by resting it when needed, and proper ergonomics.
    Good Luck