weights before or after cardio?

  1. Ok gals, I have a question:

    I work out every night 7 days a week. I have cut down my intake, cut out carbs, sugars, soda, oily foods, sweets etc. Stopped eating after 7pm and work out once a day for a 2hr session every night. Usually around 10 pm-12am. I go on the elipitical machine for 45mins on the fat burn program. Once i do that, i do approx 200-250 crunchies, then i hit the weights for approx 30 mins. I just started this 2 weeks ago and was wondering if I should incorporate something else into my routine? I am trying to keep away from doing the same routine night after night because I dont want to hit a plateau of sorts. I read someone in here mentioning that for weight loss results you should do weights first and then cardio? does this make a difference?

    ANY suggestions, comments are more then welcome!!!
  2. Your routine sound identical to mine now that Im home from fitness camp. I switch it out every other day..meaning cardio first then weights...or weights, then cardio. I always do abs last...I start with my a new trainer tomorrow, I will get his in put and let you know. I also have started taking step classes, spinning and kick boxing 3- 4 times a week in addition to my normal routine. Just to step it up a little. I will be in touch.
  3. ^thanks sunshine!
  4. Good work! To be honest, you don't need to work out 7 days a week and you don't need to do 200 crunches - really.

    Your hours must be very strange! How do you get to bed after your exercise?

    For maximum fat loss, cardio should be done in the morning before you eat. This is because your body hasn't eaten for the time you were asleep and you tap into your fat reserves when you do your cardio then.

    Instead of the fat burn program, I would swap to the "speed interval" program if there is one. Otherwise, just do 20 minutes of 1 min sprint, 1 min walk (this applies to any cardio machine). You would only need to do this 3-4X a week and you should feel absolutely buggered after you finish.

    If you like, you can throw in 1 or 2 longer moderate cardio sessions of about 40-45 min during the week.

    As for weights - make sure you lift heavy so that the last 3 reps are REALLY hard/impossible and keep your reps to under 12, absolute max of 15. This is a really good website for info: Women's Weight Training Chuck your 200 crunches every day for a different program!

    And if your aim is fat loss and you can't split your sessions up and have to do weights and cardio on the same day, you should definitely always do cardio after weights. This is because 1) you will be able to lift heavier (which is crucial) when you haven't exerted your energy doing cardio first 2) you would have depleted your glycogen reserves fr weight training and can tap into your fat reserves.

    Also you need 1 rest day for your body to recover.

    Good luck!
  5. I had always heard that if you are doing weights and cardio in the same session (not splitting them up at different times of the day) - do cardio after weights. It is more effective to use your strength and energy on weights first and then do cardio.
  6. ^I guess it's all depepdning on who you believe . . .
    I've always done and have always read/heard to do cardio first. . . then you do weigts and if you do them quickly w/o too much rest between sets your heartrate stya up which is great!
    I agree 7 days/ week is probably too much, as is 250 crunches everytime.

    The new idea is to keep changing your routine or try not to really stick to one. Your body and musckes need the challenge and 'shock' of something new.
    I wouldn't do the elliptical everytime, I'd change that up for sure.
    In fact, I usually do 2 cardio machines before weights; some days I do 25 mins on the treadmill slow w/ a super steep incline then hop on a bike for 15 minutes then onto weights.
    The next day I'll start on the bike and end up on the elliptical. . . .

    I do also agree, earlier in teh day is better. It doesn't have to be prior to breakfast, I personally could never do that. I don't eat after 6pm and my body is dying for food the second my feet hit the ground, I usually do it before lunch though.
    They say revving your osyt like that can damage your sleep cycle if you do it too close to bedtime and you REALLY need a TON of rest when exercising.
  7. wow, you girls are great! I LOVE LOVE this thread!! woohoo!!

    the reason I work out out so late is because I have school in the morning and then work right after and then have to go home make dinner, do hw blah blah blah! so thats why I go so late!

    I think I am going to start spiltting it up though..maybe 1hr in the mornings and then 1.5hrs at night!

    keep the suggestions coming, im loving it!
  8. I do not do the Eliptical every day either..and I take Sundays off...(sorry I was not clear...) Im still trying to find my feet after working out 6-7 hours a day at fitness camp....I think my routine will change this week....HOWEVER...one thing I have learned is cardio is KEY. I also discovered that there ALOT of different opinions regarding what is the "best" thing to do regarding fitness...gather all info....take what you like and make it work for you. Also...when I do all my crunches, I do work each side, and center. Also core training. I love doing my cardio in the morning and weights right before dinner. It depends on my time you know!! I also tired the heavy as possible weight, doing 3 reps...i just found better results doing 12-15 reps..each rep is 7 seconds long with the final weight really pushing it HARD...its hurts kind of thing (in a good way)...like I said I think you have to find what works for you!! Regardless, good for you and your dedication. If you are feeling like you hit a wall...try a trainer for a few sessions just to give you new ideas.
  9. That's a great idea. Cardio in the morning and weights at night would be excellent! When doing weights, split up your muscle groups - see the link I posted for workout program suggestions.

    Mon: HIIT Cardio
    Tue: Weights, Stretch class afternoon (yoga, pilates...)
    Wed: Long, low intensity Cardio
    Thur: HIIT Cardio morning, Weights afternoon
    Fri: HIIT Cardio
    Sat: Long, low intensity Cardio, Weights afternoon
    Sun: Rest! Or stretch class

    And I agree with Swanky about pushing yourself and 'shocking' your body - that is tres important!
  10. PS!!! That was my 2,000 post!!! WOW!!!
  11. that should set the tone for you! Your 2oooth was a health post! Must be a good sign!
    Keep up the great work girl!
  12. :flowers: yay!!!

    I forgot to also add - good work everyone for sticking to your fitness regimes!!! Always real happy to see others "suffering" like me. hehe.
  13. thanks to everyone who posted!
    you gals have been a great help!
    I just love the help and encourgement in this forum!
  14. I have found that a lot of people who do a lot of crunches often do them incorrectly, and therefore will not see results. Its not in the quantity but the quality of the exercise. You can do 20 well rounded perfect focussed crunches and get some excellent results. Plus your abs you can work out everyday.

    And I agree with spacegirl, definitely split your muscle groups. When you work your upper body, rest a day, then workt hem again. Work your lower body the nexy day. Good luck!

    Maybe we can start our own fitness blog in here where we can chart our results together. I have some baby weight I desperately need to lose, but I have no one to really support my endeavor to lose weight besides DH.
  15. Agreed 100 percent. I switched to doing weights before cardio about two years ago and found myself being able to lift heavier and use better form. Wouldn't go back to cardio then weights for anything!