Weighted Hula Hoop - slims down waistline

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  1. I saw this in a store and it looked very interesting. I guess the weights on the hula hoop makes you loss weight. Found one on ebay and debating whether to try it or not. Has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts??
  2. i have one of these. i think my hula hoop weighs about 5 lbs. it hurts a little bit when you do it. i don't know if it works b/c i've only used it a few times. my friend also has one and she swears that it works for her.
  3. Hum... sounds like fun either way (unless it hurts). Hula hooping was always fun for me! :yes:
  4. This does sound like a lot of fun! I just adored hula hooping when I was young. I need to get one! The elementary school I work at has an annual hula hoop contest each year. This year, that prize is MINE!
  5. I've tried one and I really enjoyed it! I am also considering buying one... they do hurt alittle and even sometimes can bruise... that just made it sound scary but if you do it in moderation Im sure you'd be fine & have a slimmer waist while having fun
  6. sounds fun! the weighted hoop is a great help too! This product is not available here but i was able to find one at a toy store that you can fill with water....
  7. My mom has 1 and it bruised me!
  8. The brusies sound so scary but if it works, maybe I'll try it. Prehaps the more lighter ones. Thanks for everyones input!! :flowers:
  9. I LOVE mine and yes there will be bruising at first until your body gets used to it.
    I just started this week, ACTIVELY using it. I hula hoop anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a day. I can start seeing some definition in my tummy (although it's hidden under some flubber:blink: )
  10. I've done this before! If you bruise easily... well :push::p Personally, I couldn't do it without cracking up the whole time. (I'm also very ticklish, hehe). But my friend swears by it and she has the nicest waistline.. ever. Good luck, if you ever decide to do it!
  11. I want to try it..I used to do this when I was younger for fun but without any weight..Now I NEED doing this...lol
  12. Ladies, if anyone of you get a weighted hula hoop, and you just can't keep it going, just keep on trying! It takes a while to get the hang of it.
  13. i have the one with the metal bolt-like things on the inside of the hoop. it's supposed to break up the fat cells. it's great but it gives you MAJOR bruises..
  14. I ordered one..I am looking forward to try it..
  15. I'm considering getting a hoop. Has anyone noticed a difference in their waist line and tummy?