weight watchers questions answered here!

  1. as of this morning, i've lost a little over 5 pounds in the past two and a half weeks after starting my second round of weight watchers. i believe whole-heartedly in the program since it helped me lose 30 pounds easily last summer, and i know it would be able to help people here.

    so, if you have questions about how it works, how much it costs, what you're obligated to do, etc, post them here and i'll be happy to give you any information i can :smile:
  2. Glad to hear about your success, Amanda! I worked for Weight Watchers International's corporate headquarters in Long Island, NY for almost ten years before I became a court reporter. It is a safe & effective way to change your eating habits. It truly is not just a diet. It teaches you how to change your behavior & thinking when it comes to food. The support members receive from their leaders and other members really seems to work. I wish you continued success in your weight loss endeavours.
  3. Thanks! it really is a great program, and the only thing that has ever helped me lose more than 4 or 5 pounds at a time. i've struggled with my weight my entire life (bad genes + bad eatting habits + not a ton of self control = fat amanda!) and it was such a relief to find something effective and know i didn't have to be fat my entire life.
  4. I would be interested in learning about it! How does it work?
  5. Yeah, me too! I had a few friends in college that swore by it.
  6. Congrats amanda, that's great! :nuts: I'd love to read more about WW, so please post any info you have. So many people have had success with the program.
  7. weight watchers is so great because it's meeting-centered. you go in and weigh once a week, at the same time every week, and that's how you chart your progress. having to go in and weigh makes you accountable to someone besides yourself, which is what made it effective for me, at least in part. no one sees your weight besides the girl that sits behind the counter, they don't say it out loud (instead they say how much you lost). all the people that run the meetings and do the weigh-ins are people that have lost a bunch of weight using the program, so they really understand. after you weigh, you can stay for a meeting or not. at the meetings, you share your personal success stories, as for help or advice with problems, and listen to the meeting leader talk for about 10 minutes on one weight loss issue. every week they give you a booklet with tips on eatting healthy or exercising as well.

    the meetings cost about $9.50 a week if you buy one of the bulk backages and $12 a week if not. i bought a package that will last me until the end of august last week that cost $160. it seems like a lot, but it really works, and i wasn't successful when i tried to do the program without the meetings.

    so now, about what you can and can't eat. they have two programs, a 'points' system and a 'core' system. i prefer the points, but here's how both break down:

    points: depending on weight, you get between 22 and 30 point per day with 35 extra per week that you can use or not use any way you want. no food is specifically off limits, you just have to count it like it is and not go over or under your daily points. a point is approximately 50 calories, but can go up or down a bit depending on the fat and fiber content of the food. they give you a really easy and convenient slide ruler to figure things out based on food labels, and they also sell a really comprehensive book for $9 that gives you the points value for things that don't have a food label on them, as well as common takeout items like chinese and mexican food that you may not be able to tell exactly what it was made with.

    the points sound complicated, but they're actually really simple to calculate and keep track of. every week when you go to the meeting, you pick up a food log which is small enough to keep in your purse that you keep track of your daily and weekly points in.

    core: no points to keep track of, but you cannot eat processed food. the only carbs allowed are whole-wheat breads and pastas and brown rice, and you're only allowed to eat lean meat. the thing that makes me not do core is that you have to eat until you're satisfied, not full, and i find points is easier to control because it gives me a way to quantify what i eat. the $9 book also gives you a comprehensive list of what foods are ok for the core program.

    i know it can sound complicated, but it's really easy to get used to. i usually don't even keep track of my points anymore because i'm in a routine and i'm used to how much things are worth. i encourage anyone that's interested to go to a meeting a try it!
  8. oh, i forgot, weightwatchers.com has a bunch of info and you can also search for a meeting near you.
  9. Thank you so much Amanda! That is so helpful! I am debating switching to another program because the one I am on or have done is incredibly restrictive! So its very hard to maintain!
    BTW- how does weight watchers compare to something like the Southbeach diet?
  10. weight watchers is soooooo much easier to maintain than south beach! i tried south beach, and lost about 5 or 6 pounds and then fell off the wagon for good. to was way too restrictive because i'd much rather use my calories on carbs than protein. weight watchers is only restrictive in calories, not in the types of foods that you can eat, at least if you opt for points instead of core. you can have a huge piece of chocolate cake, you just have to trade it off with something else. for instance, instead of having spaghetti for dinner that same night, you may have to have mixed veggies and a piece of chicken instead. the points give you a framework to make sure you're doing that accurately, so as long as you're honest with yourself about what you're consuming, there's no reason you can't eat things you like and lose weight.
  11. ^^^ Good to know! I might just have to look into this! Provida is really restrictive- absolutely no processed foods and no: sugar, sodium, oil, dairy, bread and according to my body type, no red meat (which I don't eat anyway). You have to eat 5-6 small meals a day comprised of 2 ounces of protein and 1/2 cup carbs (usually brown rice, potatoes or brown rice noodles). And you have to drink 100 ounces of water, which I can never seem to do. It worked for me once before, but having a really hard time sticking to it this time around. SO I guess I am doing a kind of blended provida and general weight watchers type of plan now.
  12. What if I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I am 5'5 and 145 pounds. Is there a requirement to get in WW?
  13. there's no requirement at all, you just have to be over the age of 16! the first goal they set for you at your first meeting is 10% of your weight, so your first goal would be to lose 14 pounds, and then when you hit that, you'd just set a goal of 6 and you'd be where you wanted to!
  14. Hmmm, I wonder if it would be worth it for me. I only want to lose 10 lbs. THanks for all the info!!
  15. you could probably lost the 10 in a month if you followed the program, so it might be worth it to use some of the principles and try to follow it without the meetings.