Weight Watchers question

  1. I am looking for some good and yummy snacks that's worth 1 or 2 points (besides fruit and veggies). Any recommendations?
  2. sugar free Jello is 0 points
    fruit roll ups 1pt
    100 calorie pack snacks 2pts
    laughing caow cheese(light) 1pt
  3. I think you can have two Ak-Mak crackers for one point as well.

    Yoplait light yougurt is 2 pts.
  4. weight watchers also makes really good prepackaged chocolate cake thingies for one point.
  5. You have to watch out for their foods though. If you read the ingredients, the first ingredient listed is often high fructose corn syrup.
  6. mmmm but it's yummy high fructose corn syrup

    lol but i agree, prepackaged stuff is to be left for the super-hard-to-control cravings. i also really like danon light-n-fit w/ fiber, a little tub of it is only 1 point. and apples...mmm, apples.
  7. Health Valley Fat Free Oatmeal Raisin or Chocolate chip cookies - 3 cookies - 1 pt
    Barry's bakery fat free french twist - 1 twist = 1 pt (these are so yummy)
  8. oh man, i must have these. where did you find them?
  9. The WW yogurts are good 1 pointers, and also I do the smart pop popcorn. I think a whole bag is one or two points. They also make a shake that is 1 point if you use water. I put ice cubes in there and set the blender to high. It's good.
  10. You gotta get Vitalicious Vitamuffins ! One point, nice size! Love the chocolate with choc chips!
  11. Have never seen them. Are they WW?
  12. I found them at Super Stop and Shop. Other well stock supermarket should have them as well.