Weight Watchers 2013!

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  1. Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good start into the new year 2013!

    I assume that I'm not alone in starting a(nother) weight loss journey for this year. I decided to join Weight Watchers again because I had great success with the program many years ago. I sadly fell off the band wagon and gained everything I had lost with the program and then some!

    I figured we could use this thread to talk about the program in general, our points, weigh in day jubilations and frustrations, etc.

    Who's with me?

  2. Hi, I am considering WW. I have been trying to lose 10-15 lbs for a year now. I have PCOS and my endo gave me a paper with a diabetic diet about a year ago. I am not a diabetic but she said to start there.. Needless to say I did not lose a pound. How much is WW?
  3. Sorry to hear you've been having struggles, anabg. I had no luck with a diabetic diet, either. My doctor gave me something similar last year and it just didn't work out for me.

    I believe the US-Version of WW costs $18.95 per month for the online version. I'm not sure how much the meetings cost, sorry! :smile:
  4. It's ok, thanks. I don't think I would like to go to meetings. Online will do.
  5. I started back yesterday. I am in a wedding in July in Jamaica and MUST look perfect. need to drop 10 and get my abs back into shape (I have been slipping on my abs for to long)
  6. Meetings do help, although they aren't for everyone. But statistically speaking, those who attend meetings lose a LOT more weight than those who do not. It is the idea of being accountable and having to weigh in. Honestly, most people have enough nutritional knowledge and know to avoid high-carb, high-fat foods and to try to eat more fruits and vegetables. If that is the case, then why join WW at all, KWIM? Part of the effectiveness of the program is going to meetings and getting weighed once a week. It is so much easier to skip a week online or just not to log in if you had a bad day.

    Obviously, people lose weight on WW online, too, but I think that perhaps those are people who either need the information or who have the drive to lose the weight regardless of the program or diet. WW works for me when I have to hold myself accountable and go to meetings. I KNOW what I need to do, and how I need to eat and increase my activity levels, but the issue is DOING it. If I could do it on my own, why would I join WW? :lol:
  7. haha, Haute I definitely know what you mean.

    I had thought about meetings but I haven't heard anything great about the groups here. A friend of mine lost 20 lbs while going to meetings but she told me she always felt uncomfortable going, because it seemed like a bunch of housewives complaining about how much they crave chocolate. I know that's certainly not the case at all meetings, but it just seems like the ones around me don't really fit my style?

    I had pretty good success with the online program in the past. Before the online program existed I tracked everything in my book, like a good girl ;)

    And you're right - if you know the basics about nutrition you really shouldn't even need WW, but it helps me keep myself in check and accountable. It also helps me prevent snacking throughout the day (ie: opening the fridge and eating a few slices of cheese) ;)
  8. I manly do it for portion control. I like knowing how many points I am allowed every day and not going over that number. I also like how online lets you keep track of how much water you drank, how much fruits/veggies you ate and how my workouts at the gym affect my daily points.

    I am a binge eater, so WW online helps me. I would not do meetings, as I am no where near over weight and I don't want people there to feel I am making a mockery of them by being there.

  9. Good luck!! :nuts:

    I have a wedding to attend in August and I hope to be 1-2 sizes slimmer by that time.

    I'm very overweight and have a hard time doing a lot of the strength training exercises that I see online / in magazines. Ex: planks are totaly out of the question, lol. I have zero upper body strength and I'm not really sure how to start on that other than with small weights and bicep curls?
  10. I managed to loose a lot of weight in the past 16 months, but I've kind of hit a road block. My weight loss has stopped, so I am considering WW to help me kick-start the loss again.
  11. Congrats on the accomplishment!! :nuts:

    I hit a road block about 5 or 6 years ago - the first time I did WW. Someone from a WW Group told me to basically eat like a pig one day to get my metabolism going. I have to say it worked even though I felt awful that day from all that yucky food, lol.
  12. Here's something I don't like about WV. I kept on getting Advertising mail from them way to often. They sent it for three years after I quit. Three years! I really don't want that again.
  13. Really? I only ever got E-Mails from them and those stopped after I opted out of the news letter. Constant mail from them would annoy me, too.
  14. Yes, very annoying. Perhaps I won't get them if I only choose online service.
  15. I joined weight watchers uk in November last year. I did it because I had lost a lot of weight previously but I got bored and stopped trying. Now, I'm back to square one and needed the accountability that going to meetings every week would provide. I'm now 2lbs away from achieving my 5% goal weight. I hope I lose it this week.
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