weight transition clothes shopping

  1. I have lost 23 pounds this last year. So all my old clothes are falling off or really frumpy. Over the next months I'd like to loose 15 - 20 more. I am currently 5'2 - 137 pounds and my breasts can make shopping difficult they are a 36DD.

    I don't want to invest in any designer clothes at this point.

    So I bought some Levi jeans which I happen to really love. But also I bought a bunch of capris and tee shirts at Target. The shirts shrunk more than I even expected they would and a button fell off the capris after the first wash!

    I really want to know who has good quality relaxed clothes for under $30 a peice. I like the quality of t-shirts at American Eagle but b/c of my breast size I can have difficukty finding ones that fit. I have to wear a uniform at work so mostly it's my home/ shopping clothes I need help. Mainly jeans, capris, shirts and tees.
  2. PS I wanted to add I really need help. I feel so lost. I shopped at so many trendy shops in my late 20's. Then I got sick. the medicines they put me on ballooned me up from 110 to 160 -- I was depressed and I quit shopping. Now, 5 years later, I am on new treatment and with new energy and hope - I have begun to shop again. Except being gone from fashion for 5 years has made me sooo confused.

    Before I shopped at Express mostly. Now I don't know where to go. I am at 137 and I am just lost.

    If I go to Macy's can I trust that most items there will be a good enough quality to last 6 months. Untill I can get back down to maybe 120?
  3. Hi Lemondrop, I would check out urban outfitters, forever21, ardenb, bebe, and banan republic. They're all relatively cheap (banana republic is a bit over the 30 dollar limit but usually has really great sales) and should definitely last at least 5 months quality wise.
    Also, don't forget Old Navy--you can practially get a whole outfit for a dollar :smile:
  4. Definately check out Old Navy and Forever 21. My friend has been loosing weight since the new year (she's lost 90lbs so far:nuts:) and I took her to Forever 21 and Old Navy to help her pick a few tops out that she can still wear while loosing weight. She's not buying too many pants or jeans because what's the point when they get too big in like 2 months.

    Try some empire waisted tops/tunics/dresses. Even if you drop more weight chances are they won't be that big on you and you can still wear them. Gap has some great stuff for the fall as well.
  5. Go to Blair.com and get some stretch tees. They are slightly fitted, they hold their shape, and for some mysterious reason, they are very transition and fluctuation friendly, so they will look good after you lose more weight, they will look good if you should gain weight back, and they will look good now.

    If you can do their L, they are like $8 each if you buy 3, and XL and up are about $10 if you buy 3.

    While it is true that much of Blair's stuff is just awful, they do have those semi-magical tees...
  6. ^^ I honestly believe that great things can be found anywhere you go.

    Thanks for the heads up on blair's t-shirts. It is hard to find t's that hold up over time.
  7. I was in your same position last yr - down from a 10 to a 4 but in between I bought mostly cheaper jeans with give (a little stretch). Old Navy is good enough quality to last for years (jeans anyway). Urban outfitters has spotty quality from what I've found so i don't recommend them. I also made a few trips to Macy's & picked up some jeans/capris from Calvin klein, DKNY, Lucky etc all on sale - all under $30. All well made to last well beyond a 6 mo time frame. I have a ton of AE T's in all different sizes too. I also hit my local TJ Maxx & Marshalls several times over that period saving lots of $$ which I needed to do in order to replace my entire wardrobe! Good thing my shoe size didn't change!! Good luck with the shopping & weight loss!!
  8. Hey Lemon Drop!

    So I totally sympathize with your situation. Back in December I was 170 lbs (gained 50 in a bad relationship) and I'm, as of today, down to 133. If anyone knows "weight transistion clothes," it's me.

    1. Do not beat yourself up over your weight. You are what you are, and you deserve to treat yourself as a beauty even if you don't like your weight. This means buy one pair of designer jeans that fit, but that is it. I wore the true religion lonestar when I was at my heaviest- they were flattering throughout my entire weight loss and they still fit (they're a 31! There was a time when I couldn't even fit into that, though!)

    2. Purchase clothing that will disguise your problem area the most- mine was my gut, so I'd wear a lot of poncho-y stuff, and things with rouching on the sides (things Id find at Charlotte Russe, some store called Vanity, and the sales racks at Macy's)

    3. Live in sweats as much as possible. The reason I say this, is 'cos it'll get you to keep working out working out working out (ought these at target.)

    4. The greatest accessory that you'll need during all of this (drum roll for the sap, please) is determination. Go every couple weekends to your favorite store and stare at/try on the clothes you want (if you're trying on, try on the size that you WANT to be.)

    I'm sure you're gonna be amazing during this transitional period! Congrats on all the hard work so far!
  9. you guys are so sweet. You had some good ideas. I also think I am going to try Nordstrom. I have been shopping at Macy's but the last two times I have left really frustrated. I have since realized I have a really crappy Macy's near my house.