Weight of your MK bag ???

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  1. I have view through the thread of "What's in Your MK bag"

    All of sudden come out a idea for this... what are the actual weight of your MK bag aft "loaded" up all the stuff that you bring :graucho:

    I am from Malaysia , our common measurement for weight are in KG (Kilogram)

    I will attach a photo of what i bring along in my MK bag and the weight of my bag :graucho:

    Stay Tune ~ :cool:

    I hope you all join me soon in this thread :P
  2. I have the bedford satchel and it gets very heavy with my stuff in it. I rarely wear it because of that 😞 .
  3. I have the saffiano bags and I carry a lot in them. I'd say about 1 kilo easily.
  4. i have measure my MK selma medium satchel when its empty.. its around 700g... aft it loaded up with what i bring along.. its ald nearly 2kg... :sweatdrop: thats really heavy...
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    This is what i bring along when i use my MK selma satchel.. My latest purchase of LV emilie wallet in DE, a cosmetic pouch, wet tissue, a large comb *lol*
    my sour plum ( yeap I love to eat sour plum ) and of coz my pen :smile:


  6. Is that blue or purple?
  7. MK website name it as Iris color.. a purple color
  8. [​IMG]

    here are the picture i take under sunlight
  9. Very pretty

  10. That charm is so pretty!
  11. tq.. :biggrin:
  12. :biggrin: thanks.. i bought it from a China Online Shopping webpage lolxx it cost me RM50 for it:P
  13. I'm scared to buy anything from those websites. Lol
  14. so far i am ok with it.. i have made few purchase from the China largest online shopping site, till then i m satisfied with the item quality.:biggrin:
  15. which China website issit?

    I'm trying to locate my luggage scale. Been wanting to weigh my mk dressy!!