weight of the mahala

  1. Im looking for a new bag and the mahala seems perfect. anyone know how much it weighs?

    What weighs more: the stam, paddington, kooba sienna or the mahala? is it really heavy after a while?

  2. Hi, my scales showed 1,2 kg for a python Mahala, but then I noticed the battery is almost out so I don't know whether that is accurate.
  3. On weight I would guess that the Kooba (I have one) and the paddington would easily outweigh ANY Choo bag. That's one of the things I love about JC bags, they're so light! :tup:
  4. Funny you should ask this. My very first lux bag was a Chloe. After carrying it for 2 hours, my arm went numb...and I didn't have it loaded. I traded it in the very next day for a Choo Ramona.
  5. When I purchased a Chloe Paddy, I felt like I was carrying Brick:blah:

    I even removed the padlock thinking it might lighten the load, but no luck :oh:

    I love the Ramona & the Mahala, but if you are looking for a really lightweight bag, go for any of the Jimmy Choo Bags in the distressed leather (i.e Ring, Ramona, Rik):tup: