Weight of my MBMJ bag.

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  1. Today I bought a marc by marc jacobs luxy faridah in chalk. I love the look of it but when I try it again at home I think it's so heavy. Anyone has this bag? and Is the weight of it is too heavy for you? I need some support,please or I will return it tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
  2. KEEP IT! The Faridah is gorgeous. I just bought one from Neiman Marcus' Best Customer Sale and I am positively writhing with anticipation for it to come in the mail.
  3. Thank you to Foxiyellow for your reply and I plan to keep it. Not sure whether I will 100% love it but I still think the bag is soooo nice.
  4. I have the same bag in mauve...i love how it looks but you are right about it being heavy. I ordered it online so i had no idea it would weigh that much...i can't tell you just how practical it is yet because it's still sitting in it's dustbag with tags attached.

    hopefully it's practical..i can't return mine. it's gorgeous though.
  5. http://[​IMG]

    Here's mine, with matching zip clutch and my sunnies...I love this bag. however, it IS pretty heavy when it's loaded with stuff. I kind of like the fact that it's heavy, though, it seems like it stays on my shoulder a lot easier. I don't take it with me when shopping for long periods of time, though, it's mostly a from point A to B throw-around bag for me.
  6. You have the same bag in the same color as me. I found that it is really really heavy and cause me a shoulder pain :sad:. I would return it tomorrow although I love how it looks.
  7. If you're not in love with it I would return it. You'll find another one you love. I actually find a lot of the MBMJ bags quite light (but haven't seen this style IRL) so maybe there's another one that will work.

    Cute bag though IMO...
  8. Omg my marc jacobs venetia bag is reallly heavy with or without stuff in it...one of my arms is buffer than the other!!
  9. I ordered the same style bag the Faridah in Burgundy from Bluefly and although I adored the style when I saw it online, my opinion changed when I received it. The leather is awesome, but the bag was very heavy with nothing in it and the color I had did not do the bag justice, now I think this style looks much better in the chalk color but it was also something about the burgundy the letters were way too large and the darker letters was way too overpowering for the style of the bag, I also didn't like the way it fit under my arm, it was kinda bulky and bookbagish like, so needless to say I did return it but all the compartments was wonderful. So if you love it keep it, but if you have any reservations about it, send it back, I hope I did not discourage you.
  10. The bag looks beautiful. However if you think you aren't going to use it you should return it and use the money for something you will end up loving and using. I have quite a few bags that I thought looked beautiful but have never used or rarely use because they fit uncomfortably and now its too late to return any :sad:
  11. well, most of the MJ bags are on the heavier side, so this does not surprise me at all. But I love the luxy leather line. IRL, the letters are not as pronounced, and everything just blends in to give the leather a distressed look.

    Question to the faridah owners:

    how do you access the front pockets? do you have to undo the buckle? or does it open with the snap?
  12. by the way, i also noticed that the earlier faridah's have the tan rolled handle, while the later ones have the flat and wider handle.