Weight of Muse????

  1. How heavy is the large Muse?? - I've had several MJ and Chloé bags ...but sadly they are to heavy for me.
    I'm now thinking of buying a chocolate large Muse. Could you please weigh your large Muse for me??? :angel:


    ps: Please post pictures wearing the large Muse!! Thanks!!! :heart:
  2. Hi, I answered your PM but in case others need the info, I thought I'd answer here, too. I weighed my large Muse on my in-home postal scale. It was hard to weigh it empty since the bag is not 100% constructed and didn't want to sit up on the scale! If I weighed it correctly I believe it is 1 pound 11 ounces. I also set it to grams and it was 780 grams, I think!!

    I have never found the bag to be heavy. I find it very, very comfortable even with my stuff in it.
  3. Thanks Kallie Girl!! ...You've been very helpfull! :smile:
  4. I just looked at an MJ Hudson in BG's a couple of days ago. My medium Muse WITH all my things in it was the same weight as the empty Hudson!
  5. Thanks Susan-eric :smile: ...Today I bought a brown Prada instead. :smile: