Weight of medium pandora?

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  1. Hi guys,

    On impulse I tried on the medium pandora today and I love the way it looks! (the smooth leather version, though I love the look of the distressed one, I'd like one that could also double up as a work bag) But I was in such a rush that I forgot to find out or take note of how heavy it is. I lug a lot of stuff around so that would be a very big consideration.

    Could someone please help tell me?

    I need light bags so my go-tos are balenciaga and bottega. Everything else just puts way too much stress on my back. Feedback from those of you who've been using your pandoras for a while would be really appreciated!

  2. With the tissue paper stuffing in my weigh just under a kilo. They aren't super heavy, but not lightweights either. I hope that helps :smile:
  3. Thank you- that is really helpful!!! :smile:
  4. I love my medium Pandora, and I would regard it as a relatively light , and easy-to-wear bag. However, I notice that the handle is stiff and can sit slightly uncomfortably on the shoulder. Sometimes I feel that the handle weighs more than the actual bag! I think it was just the way it was designed to be. I don't mind it nonetheless as I wear my pandora cross body all the time. Im actually looking forward to another Pandora in Medium!
  5. The weight has never bothered me. I like the fact you can carry it different ways. The handle, the strap on your shoulder, cross body. It is a great bag!
  6. I find it pretty light compared to the celine luggage I lugged around pre-kids :smile: