Weight of Kooba purses?

  1. Hey girls,

    After many shoulder pains and complaining that my Sienna weighs "a ton" - I'm very curious to find out exactly how much this bag weighs empty. Could anyone help me with this little experiment? If you have a scale you could put your Sienna on - I'm really interested in
    finding out how much this baby weighs once and for all. :nogood:

    Also - feel free to add others, but I thought Sienna was a good jumping off point since it's a classic that many of us remember as our "first."
  2. I think of the Sienna as a lightweight. I realize it isn't and I have simply become so used to the weight of it, it doesn't phase me. If you are used to heavy bags, the Sienna is nothing. Most all of my other Koobas except the Elisha and Devin are heavier. I think the Ada is the all time heavy weight but I actually got another one recently and realize it's not too too bad after all. I got used to heavy bags.

    On a Kooba Scale of 10 being the heaviest Kooba of all time, and 1 being a Clutch...I'll put the Sienna at 5. (Oh, the pebbled leathered ones might be a 6 since they are thicker and a little heavier).
  3. I only have my Jessie to compare, but I still qualify to answer because of the numerous other Koobas that I have fondled in the past. I thought the Jessie and Jillian were light weight, but other posters have informed me that the Jillian is quite a heavy bag. That surprised me, because I thought the Jillian was "substantial", but not that heavy at all. This comes from me, a person who really likes light weight bags better than the heavy ones, so I even surprised myself at how I perceive the weight of these bags. I thought the Sienna was heavier than my Jessie or my fantasy Jillian.
  4. Haha. I actually meant a real weighing scale. Like, if you had a small scale for postal stuff that you could place the bag on and check to find out how much this baby weighs. :lol:
  5. Oooooooohhhh! Duh! :shame:

    Ginger and Carla: 7 or 8 pounds
    Jillian: 2 to 3 pounds
    Jessie: 2 pounds
    Elisha: 3 pounds
    Sienna: 4 to 5 pounds

    I wonder what they REALLY weigh......this is how I THINK they weigh.......
  6. Ha. Yes I think it's fun to guess! I really think the Sienna weighs more than the Carla but I don't have a scale to find out. I think the ADA woven tote I own is the most serious offender though.

    Lexie - do you have a scale you can throw some of your Kooba kids on to settle this debate once and for all? :idea:
  7. Yes, Lexie.......you MUST own a scale....Miss Kooba Queen of all!!
  8. I only have a people scale. It's digital and it doesn't weigh low items. Not even my cat.

    I think the Carla is much heavier than the Sienna (My terraine one anyway). The Ada is 42 lbs, so when you think of it that way...everything else is a lightweight...LOL
  9. 42 Pounds?? Lexie?? Are you sure? OMG! If you carried that bag on an airplane, you'd get charged for extra weight!!
  10. Just to shock you all............
    My smooth black sienna weighs exactly 2 lbs. 8 oz.
    The virginia weighs 2 lbs. 6 oz.
    And the only other one I have left, taylor, weighs a mere 1 lb. 2 oz.:smile:
    I weighed them all on a postal scale, empty.
  11. Whew! Then my Jessie is lighter than I thought!! :lol:
  12. 2 pounds 8 oz for a Sienna??? That can't be right. Maybe the leather is different than the one I have in orange. I think Lexie must be exaggerating about the ADA. :lol:

    I'm very interested in knowing what my woven tote weighs now though. :lol:
  13. No, I swear....My Ada weighs 42 lbs....LOLOL
    2.8 lbs sounds about right. I guess it depends whether you are carrying bricks in it or not too but I never found the Sienna to be overly heavy.
  14. Ok, here is my official weigh-in on a USPS scale:
    Sienna (Moss) 2 lbs. 6.4 oz.
    Mackenzie clutch (Black) 1 lb. 2.8 oz.
    Nisha (Toffee) 1 lb. 14.3 oz.
    Renee 1lb. 10.8 oz.
    I know, the Sienna feels as if it is much heavier than that. It's a much thicker leather than the other two shoulder bags that I own. (And I seldom use it...I think that now is a good time to take it out and about!)
  15. Wow! I'm so surprised! I thought all those bags would be way heavier. I guess when you fill it, there's where the weight really adds up! :lol: