Weight of Giant Hardware v Regular Hardware

  1. i've got one, but i don't have a digital scale :p

    p.s. my best educated guess is about 2 pounds (?)
  2. I'll go weigh mine right now
  3. OK, it's 2 lbs, 9.5 oz. That's with shoulder strap. HTH!
  4. ^^ yippy, you rock girl, thanks!!! :rochard:
  5. No problem! :smile:
  6. BAMA!!!!!!!!!! So what did you get???
  7. Just curious, after stuffing it with all the stuff you need, do you find GH city to be pretty heavy to carry?:shrugs:
  8. Daffy, it's heavy even before stuffing it! The bag is considerably heavier than a regular City but it doesn't bother me because I mostly carry mine only to work. I haven't used it out shopping or any time I'd be lugging it around all day. I just love the bag so much that the weight doesn't bother me but there is no denying it's heavy as heck!
  9. I'm not the right person to ask because I always carry a ton of stuff. My bags are always heavy and I'm used to that. Maybe someone else can "weigh" in here (sorry, that was obnoxious)!!
  10. My official answer is 2.7 buttloads!
  11. Same here! When I get together w/my girlfriends they take turns lifting my bag to see how heavy it is! They think it is soooooo funny!
  12. Thanks, Glimmer! Wow, :sad:I never thought that the GH will make a big difference on the weight! I do like the look of the GH than the RH because the colors seem to stand out more IMO, based on the pics I've seen on this site. I own a LV Manhanttan and it's pretty heavy because of the hardware. I'm waiting to receive my GH City so I guess I'll find out soon! ;)
  13. it seems like it's too big for me. I'm 5''2 .. the bag is much more heavier than the RH bbag.. Honestly do u all think that is it a keeper? Opinion please.. TIA :shrugs: :shrugs:
  14. I LOVE the PT style! It looks like you got Cafe...which will go with a lot! I am not a GH girl so I can't really comment on that but the bag lokks AMAZING! You might want to post a modeling pic so we can see the size on your frame.
  15. Cracker's cafe PT inspired me to get mine.. :yes: :yes: but i feel that the bag is really so heavy even when it is empty! I'll post pics to let you all judge soon.. Honestly, I love the PT style but the lenght of the strap is long, have to cross body or else it wont looks good on me..