Weight of classic jumbo caviar

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm almost on the verge of buying this bag because I feel like I need a classic to my collection before the price goes up. There's one on hold for me ATM, so I need to make a decision.

    How heavy does it feel for regular use? Tolerable or too heavy? I don't plan on over stuffing it, but it does seem like it is heavy on its own. Is it worth it or too heavy?

    Also, does anyone have a lambskin wallet they use regularly? How does it hold up? Planning to add a red one to this purchase and needed some assurance.

    Thank you for your opinions and quick replies, I appreciate it!
  2. Hey Mayak,

    Could u post the pics of the wallet here? Would love to see which one you are considering!
  3. It's got some weight to it but definitely not TOO heavy for daily use. I love mine =]=]
  4. I'm liking red lamb. What do you think considering the bags I have. Thanks

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393372910.316915.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393372932.553031.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393372965.581275.jpg

  5. Thank you for letting me know! :smile:
  6. As one who carries a classic chanel jumbo daily, it is heavy. If you have neck or should issues I would not recommend you buy a jumbo classic chanel. I only carry my sunglasses, wallet, phone, lipstick and handbag hook - so I am not over stuffing the bag.

    Please consider the weight of the bag before purchasing - if this is a huge issue for you, then I would not get it!
  7. In terms of design, I like the caviars ones because they have the same design as the Classic Jumbo Flap that you are planning to get. Between the two, the red on the caviar is rather dull, so for me it's out. For the black caviar one, it's hard to tell from the pic if it's the regular shiny caviar or matte caviar out this season... If it's the regular shiny caviar, then it's still in consideration - the plus here is that it will look like a nice set with the Classic Jumbo Black Flap. I can't tell if the hardware on the black caviar wallet is SHW or GHW though... If it's the matte one, it would be out for me.

    I love the look of the patent one. Is the CC metal or crystals? If it's crystals, there mght be a possibility that the crystals may fall out with use. While the patent one looks attractive (Ok, I admit that I like shiny stuff. LOL). But personally I wouldn't go for the patent because I'm afraid that if I am not careful and it gets scratched, the wallet is pretty much gone. I read on the forum that there's no way to refurbish scratches on patent.

    For the red lamby, I love this red color. It looks like a nice red and gives off a nice pop of color. so, if you are not the matchy matchy type of person (whether color or design), this red lamby would provide a nice contrast to your Black Boy, Black V flap and forthcoming Black Classic Jumbo flap. The design of the red lamby is nice too, although I prefer the caviar design because of the similarity to the Classic Flap look. Thus, it depends on which factor is more important to you.

    I read on this forum that lambskin can be refurbished, while caviar and patent can't be refurbished. Although caviar is rather durable, over time, it is possible that the corners may get smoothend and there's no way to "put back the pebbles". For lambskin, it is more prone to scratches, but if the scratches are light, they can be massaged out with a leather cream and your fingers and they will be gone or less obvious, and overtime with usage, the wallet will develop a nice sheen to it. But of course, you must be mentally prepared to see scratches now and then, and have to try to massage them out and live with those scratches that cannot be massaged out. Oh yes, one more concern that comes to mind is the potential for color transfer. I read on the forum that some people had color transfer on their red lambskin bags... I read one post where someone was able to get rid of the color transfer with the Meltonian cream, and some others failed. If you decide to go ahead with the Red lamby, I would suggest that you read the maintenance threads.

    HTHs. :smile:
  8. Thank you for the detailed reply. I don't like the patent because it is a finger print magnet. I do agree the red caviar looks so dull and so does the black. I don't really need them to match but would like it to complement the bag. The caviar wallet doesn't seem like a good complement to the two lambskins I have hence I'm leaning towards the red(plus the color is so pretty!)
  9. Great choice! U are gonna look fabulous with the red lamby, your 3 bags and the crystal earrings!!
  10. Hi Mayak,

    As requested, here's the pic of the Westminster Flap that Hector (SA) sent me before I pulled the trigger. :smile: I simply can't resist this bag even though I know that it's gonna be a delicate bag!

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  11. Wow that's so pretty!! Congrats congrats!! Can't wait till it arrives :smile:)

    Let's chant the "we need to stop" mantra now... Lol.
  12. :giggles:
  13. +1 as well as if you are going to carry it a lot (which you should with any Chanel bag), I've heard from many that it starts to hurt after an hour or two.
    I just can't handle the weight of the jumbo, especially in caviar. This is why I have M/L and 2.55 in size 226 (medium).

    As to wallets, I have lambskin and patent, no caviar. They are all holding up well.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393439839.925025.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393439858.334219.jpg