Weight of Chanel Chains


Bag Addict
Jun 23, 2006
Hi Ladies.

I have a question regarding the weight of the the chains on the Chanel Flap bags. Prior to this I only had one chanel bag, it was a graduation gift from my grandmother, a large beige lambskin with gold hardware. The chains on that bag had considerable weight, it felt luxurious just as how an expensive bag should be.

Recently I bought a medium caviar flap with silver hardware on ebay and i noticed that the chains were much lighter. Granted the beige bag was bigger and older than this new one, but should the chains be consistent or has chanel changed the materials they use for chains? Do the weight of gold and silver chain differ? Nothing else is wrong with the bag though, logos, holograms, authenticity cards, stitching etc are as they should be. I would post pictures but I'm at the office right now. Can someone help and give me some peace of mind :sad: Thank you!


That bag is fine!
Oct 17, 2010
My beige jumbo caviar SHW chains have a nice weighted feel to them.
Once owned a med/large and felt the chains were super light (almost hollow). I returned it back to Chanel boutique in exchange for jumbo.