Weight of BP vs cordovan Corcovado?

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  1. I succumbed to temptation and snapped up the cordovan Corcovado when it showed up on sale. I was worried that it would overwhelm my 5' frame, but I was pleasantly surprised at how locking down the corners really does make the bag look a lot smaller.


    (Sorry for the grainy cell phone pics.) IMO, the width isn't nearly as disproportional to my torso with the corners locked down. Unfortunately, as others have noted, locking down the corners makes the mouth of the bag rather small:


    (for reference, my hand is pretty small -- my palm measures 6.5" around); however, there are so many wonderful outside pockets that I won't have to root around the main compartment very much for anything except my wallet.

    BUT... IMO, this bag is pretty heavy. After throwing in all my stuff, it's not an insignificant amount of weight. Granted, most of that weight is my stuff, but I have other bags (e.g. Bottega Veneta, Tano) where the bag is so light that carrying the same amount of stuff doesn't feel so heavy.

    I love how this bag looks, but it's not light enough for me. :sad: The chances of getting the infamous emerald goat Corcovado are slim to none, so my next option is the BP. However, I've seen mixed reviews: some people call it "featherweight", while other people say that it gets pretty heavy.

    For those of you who own both the BP & cordovan Corcovados, is the BP significantly lighter? Should I spring for a BP, or should I give up this foolish dream of a featherweight Corcovado? :shrugs:
  2. I have the Pewter Corc, and it's very light. I think you will be happy with one of the metallics, in the lightness department. I also have the Cordovan Corc coming next week, which I'm anxiously awaiting. I'm 5'7, and it might not be too heavy for me, hoping. Are you returning this item to HH? If so, is it only good for Store credit like gingy was saying?
  3. From what I recall on another thread, the metallic Corcs are the lightest, followed by the patent.
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    ami kio..I passed on the Cordovan and this is one of the reasons but others love it. IMHO it's a matter of personal taste and height/strength.

    I have the Pewter, the BP and the KP corcs..I think I am only loving the KP one for other reasons...

    Back to topic....weightwise..IMHO Pewter is the lightest..followed very closely by KP (but I own the sample so it might be just mine) and then the BP...I don't lock the mouth down except when I'm traveling but when I get to where I'm going, I open the locks for easy access and then lock them down for the return trip to wherever no matter what mode of tranportation I take (except for driving). It just looks less boxy and more like the shape of the Trophy when in lockdown mode..as well as keeping hands out of the opening on a busy subway bus when I'm standing KWIM?....providing it stays locked..LOL.

    Please check this link for return policy http://haydenharnett.com/?action=faqs&question=4

    Whether you can return it and whether it is for store credit or refund depends on how much it was discounted when you bought it...and this discount varies from sale to sale..but based on my personal experience, I think in some cases the policy is more rigid and in others more flexible so you will only know when HH answers you. I suggest a phone call rather than an email.
  5. I, too, snagged the cordo corco. It is beastly heavy. I can't imagine filling it up. Also, the leather is so super thick. I have held the Wyeth in Cordovan and the leather was not as thick as it is on the corcovado. It's heavier than other corcovados and it's heavier than comparably sized cordovan bags. I am going to return it. It wasn't discounted so much that you can't get a refund to your cc. I made sure before taking the leap.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I'm on the fence about returning it (I do qualify for a return since it wasn't 75/+% off). It's a gorgeous bag with a fabulous design that I may never see again; on the other hand, it's heavier than I'd like. My hoarding tendencies make me want to own it rather than not own a Corcovado at all. :P

    Hmmm, I had ruled out the metallics because of someone's bad experience of the distressed surface snagging her dress. I wear sweaters a lot of the time, and I didn't want to worry about my bag causing pilling. It sounds like the BP may not be my HG option. :sad: I so wanted it to work b/c of the gorgeous lining -- the cordovan has the boring nylon logo lining -- but I guess that it wasn't meant to be. :crybaby:
  7. Oh, now I'm umber afraid that I won't like the cordovan corc. Then again, right before I got my pewter corc, everyone was reporting they didn't like it, due to it's color. And I ended up liking that. Are any of you that are reporting it to be heavy taller than 5'6?
  8. See if the Khaki Patent pops up somwhere...it might be just the thing..it is neutral and lightweight and the patent is almost impervious to wet weather and splashed on dirt of most kinds...and the lining is the white, blue khaki/beige print as well...but you have to be a fan of khaki or else you will not be happy...

    I am hoping HH offers the Corcovado again in a future season in some amazing colors and leather finishes...I'd love one in any Zeus finish as well as some bright or richly colored patents/crinkle patents. I also wish they'd use the snaps that I have instead of the magnetic closures, work on the turnlock closure and perhaps enlarge the size of the opening when the turnlock are engaged.

  9. I'm 5'4, but I lift weights. And it's a needlessly heavy bag. AND the opening is too small to fit my laptop. That's crazy.
  10. FWIW, the bag looks amazing on you. If it's too heavy, than I say let it go. You won't be using it much if it's not a comfy bag.
  11. Big 2nd on both!
  12. Yes, the bag looks terrific on you. I have an Emerald Goat Corcovado and it's not that heavy, in my opinion. The BE TMA's that I sold were much heavier than the corc. and BE's are pretty light weight bags.
  13. :blush: Thanks for the compliments! The bag isn't too heavy to use, but there's no way that I'd fill it up for everyday use -- my shoulder would dislocate! (FWIW, I fully admit that I'm wimpy and out of shape, so it being too heavy for me isn't much of a stretch!) For reference, I have a Paule Marrot Pallenberg duffel in black leather, and I also find it heavy when filled.

    So where does emerald goat fall? :confused1: Is it lighter or heavier than the patents?
  14. I just weighed my emerald goat corc on my digital kitchen scale and it clocked in at 2 lb, 5-3/8 oz. My bp corc is still in transit so I don't have that stat for comparison, but perhaps someone else does?

    It's a shame that the cordovan corc is so heavy, because it's a real beauty! :heart:
  15. Just have to say that I love your new avatar. It looks like LRR & the Wolf...I recognize the artist but I can't put my finger on it..reminds me of some of the etchings for either one of my Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass.