weight of bow satchel?

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  1. hi all!! i just recently discovered this forum, and more importantly miu miu! I am thinking of getting a designer bag as a graduation present to myself, and am in complete love with the bow satchel ... my only concern is, after years of carrying heavy bookbags, I have developed a shoulder problem and can't carry really heavy bags. How heavy is the bow satchel? Do any of you lucky girls that have it ever get shoulder aches?

    i am planning to use this as an "everyday, all-the-time" bag, so the weight of it would be a big factor in my consideration! Thanks so much everyone!
  2. I tried one on at Saks and it didn't seem to heavy to me. Then again, it was totally empty. I'm sorry, I'm not a big help, but you can always use it cross body! You should totally get it!
  3. I haven't worn mine much but I dont think it's heavy. You can always use the shoulder strap. Of course, if you put alot of stuff in it, then it's going to be heavy.
  4. I bought one about a year ago, but ended up selling it because it was a bit heavy for me. Even though it doesn't have a lot of hardware, the leather is thick. It's a gorgeous bag though, and I hated to let it go.
  5. It's definitely not a light bag but I wouldn't say it's heavy either. I think it really depends on what you're planning to put inside.
  6. the bag itself is not too too heavy, but it looks best when there's stuff inside it. when i carry it, i usually have a wallet, my makeup pouch (quiiite heavy!), a cashmere cardi, a pashmina, and a book, and that's still very comfortable.