Weight of bags

  1. Hello..
    My first post. I just found y'all and I am obsessed with this forum. Quick question - I am looking to purchase my first Kooba and wanted to know something. Are the bags very heavy? In reading the boards I saw a post that someone sold their Paige as it was too heavy. Also, someone else mentioned their Sierra was quite heavy.

    Just wanted to get your feedback !
  2. Yeah, sometimes they are heavy, but I tend to put A LOT of stuff in there too!
  3. I think every brand has lighter and heavier styles. I have 2 Chloes and both are light. Some of the Chloes are really heavy. I find the same with the Koobas. I have a couple and they are light. Just go and "try them on". :okay:
  4. Okay, okay - we need to move to the other thread, but on the side of the Sienna these babies aren't heavy!!! I don't know what all the fuss is about.
    My Fiore Shir Honor Audra weighs about 20 pounds empty. My Sienna feels like a marshmallow next to her!!!

  5. Oh yea, anyone who complains about what Koobas weigh should carry an IF bag for awhile. Any IF bag I had weighed a ton! My Plain Audra wasn't too bad but that Elaina Tote Oooh Boy!
  6. I had a Paige and did find it to be a bit heavy....very functional though with all the outside pockets. Guess it depends on what you consider too heavy. And whether you're carrying the bag for long period of time. Out shopping for a few hours vs. carrying back and forth to car for a few minutes.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your responses! I do appreciate it !
  8. heavy is going to mean different things to different people. It just depends on our builds, posture, muscle tone, how much and what we carry in our bags, you name it. As already posted, the true test is to try 'em on yourself!

    Oh and just for the record, I don't think my Sienna is too heavy at all! But I'm not one to overstuff my bags either.