Weight of B30

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  1. How is the weight of Birkin 30 comparing with Kelly of different sizes? I'm considering about B30 but weight of the bag is an issue with me. TIA
  2. My new b30s are very light. Especially the new togo which is thinner than my older bags. I don't currently have a kelly but used to own a k35 and my b30 is much lighter and easier to use.

  3. Thanks! [emoji8]
  4. There are existing threads on this issue
    If you do search
    You may get more answers
    I think i read it before
  5. b30 is considerably lighter than k35. b30 togo is lighter than my k32 clemence, thats for sure
  6. I have a B30 clemence, and it's still a work out to carry it all day long...
  7. I have a B30 in Togo and I've never felt it to be too heavy, even when it's very full. I've held the 35 and find that to be much heavier, even if it's almost empty.
  8. Not an issue if the bag is Epsom. I have a B30 in Epsom and it is light as a feather 👌
  9. Just from my collection and personal experience. RE: Weight.

    35b> 32k> 28k> 30b
  10. Wow! Thank you so much for all info! I guess type of leather is important factor then.
    I found k35 Togo a bit heavy for me, and k28 (clemence) ok. That's why I've been worrying about weight of B30, as it could only be handheld.
    I find myself 'defenseless' seeing k or b or c in H shop, so I better make up my mind and gather more information before making request to my SA.[emoji5]️
  11. Is your B30 in Epsom? Considering it being lighter than K28!
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