Weight of a Birkin 30 or 35 in Togo

  1. I'm wondering how the weight of a 30 or 35 Togo Birkin would stack up to a Mulberry Roxanne or a Chloe Paddington. Does anyone know? I've been carrying my Roxanne for about a month, and it's seriously weighing me down!
  2. I think that my 35cm feels heavier than the paddington because it is not a shoulder bag. I haven't carried the paddington box or anything (thats hand right?).
  3. Tammy518, you are talking heavy bags here and there is not much you can do. The Togo are quite heavy...I keep running that through my brain too. There is not much you can do...if you want all leather it is quite heavy. (especially Togo) You also have to remember with a Birkin it will be carried on your arm or in you hand, so you will get the heaviness. They are especially heavy if you start carrying bags that aren't all leather and then go back and compare to these.

    As someone told me yesterday an all leather bag is heavy and the bigger the bag the heavier it will be.
  4. mine is a 30 box and i think it is comparable to the paddington if not heavier. I believe a 35 togo will be even heavier.
  5. Thanks, everyone. I was figuring they would be pretty heavy. It'd be worth it, though:love: !
  6. Yes, sometimes we must suffer a little for something so gorgeous and fabulous!! I'd stick with the 30 size and, if possible, choose Chevre leather. The lightest by far. :smile:
  7. I never though of this subject but it's interesting. I like light bag for exp. Spy, and my ostrich Ferragamo..they are so light in weight and I just love them. Still though I want Birkin! Anyone knows why the Birkin is heavy beside its leather? I wonder if the Birkin in skin leather are lighter in weight than the regular leather? Sorry for my ignorance:shame: .
  8. I was told by my SA that Hermes bag uses a lot of leather. That is why they are much heavier. I think chevre is the lightest leather u can go with Hermes. But it is not by a large percent.
  9. Tammy, I have a Chloe Paddington. The Paddington (empty) is heavier than a 35 togo birkin (empty). Not much, but pretty close.
  10. Roxanne is 1,4 kilo as far as I remember - My 30 Birkin togo is 1 kilo..I think Paddington is 1,4 kilo.....
  11. Interesting thread.

    I for one have difficulty carrying heavy bags. Whenever I carry them on my arm, I get bruises.. :sad: Even if I don't think it's too heavy, my skin does.

    I don't have a Birkin to tell you whether each size differs in weight, but my 28cm souple kelly in swift leather is very light and I have no problem whatsoever.

    Sorry wasn't much of a help but the topic just intrigued me to write :idea:
  12. I weighed my Birkins and I discovered the following: my 35 Clemence is 1'3kg, my Ardenne 40 is 1,5kg and my 40 Courchevel is 1.4kg. From this I gather that Clemence is heavier than the other leathers 'cause although it's a smaller size, it almost weighs the same..:weird:
  13. haha, interesting. i was told clemence is the heaviest as well. :lol: :lol:
  14. Thanks Duna! :smile: That's really interesting to know.