Weight Loss

  1. i think it depends on your activity level. some diets go as low as 1200, but that's risky...you can start to make your metabolism think you're starving.

    i got this from about.com:

    Q: How do I know how many calories I should consume?
    A: To determine your approximate caloric needs, you can easily compute your basal metabolic rate. This is the number of calories your body needs to maintain its basic functions and your current weight. You can determine your BMR by multiplying your current weight by 10. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, then eating 1,800 calories a day would be your BMR.

    However, this computation doesn't take into account exercise or your activity level. For example, since someone who exercises regularly can bring in more calories and still be at their maintenance weight, their BMR would be higher. Other issues like genetics, age and the amount of body fat/muscle you have can also affect your caloric needs.

    and this from another website underneath the BMR method:
    If all of those calculations seem too confusing or tedious, you can roughly estimate your daily calorie requirements using this simple formula:

    For sedentary people: Weight x 14 = estimated cal/day
    For moderately active people: Weight x 17 = estimated cal/day
    For active people: Weight x 20 = estimated cal/day Note: Moderately Active is defined as 3-4 aerobic sessions per week. Active is defined as 5-7 aerobic sessions per week.

    that's how much you need to eat to maintain...i think you subtract 500 calories to lose.
  2. Thanks! okay this is confusing because with the first BMR it would be 1200 but with the second one its 1680. I shamefully fall into the sedentary category.

    I don't know, I've never counted calories before, just tried to eat less and more healthfully.
  3. You want to make sure you don't undereat though also.. that will only slow down your metabolism.
  4. ^^^ I am so guilty of that. I also read somewhere that years and years of dieting will slow your metabolism too. I stopped losing weight on my diet. Anyways, I joined a diet group to lose the last 10 lbs. The nutritionist basically told me that my metabolism was shutting down because I wasn't consuming enough calories. I didn't think that was possible. I used to simply "not eat" and would eat only soup for dinner and have a small sandwich for lunch. Now I eat about 5-6 "meals" a day and I feel so much healthier and have such a better sense of overall well-being. Good luck!!!
  5. I know, I'm not so much a big meal eater as I am a huge snacker. I'm pretty unhealthy when it comes to food. I think what I need is a variety of fruits to eat (which under normal circumstances sit in the bowl) :smile: But I think if I eat a sandwich for lunch, something healthy for dinner, and fruit as snacks that I'll be okay.
  6. it's actually good to be a snacker when you're on a diet because eatting small amounts of food often keeps your metabolism running and burns more calories. like others have said, it's also important to make sure that you don't limit yourself too much or your body will think you're starving and go in to emergency mode - your metabolism will shut down and you won't lose as quickly.

    i'd like to lose 50 pounds *shudder* but it can be done, i lost 30 without a problem last summer. i lost 2.7 last week!
  7. I gained a ton of weight with my 4 kids and now I'm over 40 and struggle everyday to exercise and not binge. I follow Oprah's advice and never eat past 7:30, I drink a gallon of water everyday and do at least 5 days of cardio....I have lost 45 pounds in the last year. I am currently in a very long plateau so I have started running in 5k's.
  8. My brother used to be extremely overweight and he lost 30 lbs by counting calories, drinking a lot more water, and working out. Unfortunately, I'm not as motivated as him. I lost 5 lbs last month but I gained it all back since a Coldstone Creamery opened near me. Their ice-cream is the devil.
  9. depends on ur height, age and stuff.. but around 1500-2000 calories
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! Or I rationalize that this week finally, I will get those 5 pounds off and be ready for the clothing by next week. uh huh.
  11. The best way to boost your metabolism is to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day (like BalenciagaLove said). This will jump start your metabolism and get your body in fat/calorie burning mode. It is ahrd to get in the habit of eating this much, but it works.

    I may grow some guts and show you all a before and after picture of me. 4 years ago my weight was out of control. PArt of it was because I was constantly on steroids for my breathing problems, but it was just all crazy. Since then I have just eaten healthy and boosted my metabolism and lost 55 lbs. Yep... Vlad met me when I was 'bigger' and still loved me!!! :love:
  12. I agree with BalenciagaLove and Megs. I have lost 35-40 pounds so far of pregnancy weight by eating smaller portioned meals of equal portions of protein and carbs 5 times a day. Problem is, the plan I follow is very restrictive and its hard to do long term (no sodium, sugar, dairy, alcohol-which I break, red meat, bread). In theory, its a very healthy lifestyle (after loosing the weight, you get to reintregrate those foods into your diet) its just that after having a baby, loosing weight is just not as easy as it used to be.

    But before I had the baby, and went on this exact plan, I dropped 15 pounds in 6 weeks with NO PROBLEM! It was fantastic. So I am a firm believer that the 5-6 meals a day plan works wonderfully, just have to practice what I preach! BLECH!
  13. I am in an uncomfortable situation with my weight. Normally I am a happy 10/12. I work out, eat healthy, and was happy with my curvy body. Two weeks ago, I injured my back (pinched nerve) so my physician put me on steroids (they are the devil!). Between the steroids and the inactivity of laying on ice packs all day long, I gained 15 pounds!! I am so upset over this; so upset that I refused to go visit friends and family for Easter because of how I looked. :shame: I had a women at my daughter's pre-school ask me if I was pregnant!!!

    My back is slowly healing and I been able to excerise a litte but the weight is not coming off; the worst part is I have nothing to wear. My self esteem is totally in the toilet right now. :sad:

    Sorry, did not mean to hijack this thread. I just have no one to talk about this with. Whenever I start to talk to hubby, he blows me off and tells me I am beautiful no matter what. In the meantime I just want to hide underneath a rock.
  14. NO- please do not hide underneath a rock! No matter how big or small you are, you are still an amazing person inside- and that always shows with a person! ALWAYS! I am sorry for your injury, and hope you get better quick! Pilates is great for rehab, maybe that will make your back feel better! Just don't be so hard on yourself, the steriods are necessary, and it is only temporary! Soon enough, you will be back into your 10/12! And in the meantime, just concentrate on recouperating from your injuries! You are beautiful no matter what, no matter what size you are!!!!!!!!! How boring this world would be if we were all a size 2! CElebrate your curves girl!;)
  15. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Steroids really are awful- they make your body retain water weight and up your appetite. Just relax a little and know that it will calm down. Are you off them now? Was it prednisone?

    Sometimes I get very uncomfortable with my weight and don't want to be seen- but just keep in mind we are all so critical of ourselves. I am actually feeling the same way you are right now! Ugh!

    Hope everything starts looking up for you... give it a little bit of time :idea: