Weight Loss

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  1. I thought I'd go ahead and begin a new thread about this. I'm trying to lose about ten pounds, and its the 'last' ten pounds so its very difficult. I'll be honest I have a hard time staying away from sweets. There is a Kit Kat bar staring me down as i speak. Anyone else struggling with weight loss?

    Does anyone know a good website that has the amount of calories found in all foods? I'm curious as to how many calories I drink etc.
  2. It's haaarrrd!
    I just stopped bringing the crap in the house.
    My problem though is we eat out, and I don't order the plain grilled chicken if you know what I mean!
    Good luck!
    I lost 2 lbs and bought myself a Chanel! I HAVE to have a goal and a substantial reward!
  3. I am struggling with the last little bit too after pregnancy. It sucks! But I figure by the time my son is one year old- I hope to be back to normal! UGH!
  4. I was doing great until I went on vacation... and then this past Easter weekend. Time to get back on track! I hate it though
  5. Good luck, Danica!
  6. www.calorieking.com is a great place to look up nutrition information on tons of different foods :biggrin:
  7. Swanky- I wish I could buy myself a Chanel after every few pounds or so lol! You may have just come up with the best diet ever!!

    Luckily for me..being where I am, I ended up having a 6" veggie sub for Easter! The husbands family cooks alot of meat, so I tend to eat beforehand in case there isn't something for me.

    Jag..at least yours is babyweight! hehheh Mine is like BBQ Fritos weight. :biggrin:
  8. Whoa boy. If you think it's hard now,
    wait 'til you're wayyyyyyy over 40 * (as I like to call myself - LOL)

    You could probably pick up a cheap used calorie counter book on a site like Amazon if you can't find that info online. I still after all these years think the original Weight Watchers (pre-points and all that pre-packaged jazz) diet was the best. LOTS of filling veggies, small amounts of chicken, lean meat, fish. Update it a bit to include grains.

    I am older with a slow metabolism, years of diets behind me, and plenty to lose. Since I am in this for the long haul I have factored treats such as dark chocolate and frozen yogurt into my diet, no more deprivation that leads to bingeing.

    Have that Kitkat. Just be sure that you've eaten protein, lots of veggies and fruit, and very low fat on the day you indulge yourself.
    I hear ya and good luck!!!
  9. I'm trying to lose 10 for the summer and it is so hard. Once I drop 5lbs I plan on buying a new LV bag as a reward. Hopefully I'll be able to do it if I see a new purse at the end of the tunnel.
  10. I sometimes buy jeans and clothing that are a size too small, and then to fit into them, I'd HAVE to lose the weight... anyone else torture themselves this way too?
  11. YES!!!! I am a huge believer in rewards. ;)

  12. oooh easter killed me. we had our anniversary early this year over that weekend. lots of amazing food and not so amazing candy. :smile:

    i love weight watchers...i use the points system because that's what worked the first time i had a major weight loss (55-60 lbs...i'm not quite sure b/c i didn't weigh my self in the beginning). but i think the most important part is writing down every single thing you eat and you can do that with calorie counting too. it's much harder to rationalize things away if you write it down. more than once i have decided not to have something b/c i didn't want to write it in my book. :smile:

    i second calorieking.com it's a good comprehensive site. i would also get a calorie count book from the book store. they're only about 8 dollars.

    rewards are REALLY important. as long as i'm losing i get to buy new clothes. if i plateau or gain, no new anything that week. every 10 lbs i treat myself to something, usually a new clothes b/c every ten lbs is a size for me but sometimes i get a spa treatment or massage. i have five more to go til the next one. :smile:

    sometimes i buy clothes a size too small, but not often. my weight yo-yo *really* badly and more often i want to fit into clothes i already own. i have clothes ranging from 6 (which i was for about two seconds) to 16 that i've fit into at one point or another. :smile:
  13. LOL! I want to lose about 10 more, there's NO way I can keep up my current reward system!:amazed: :lol:
  14. Okay so I went to Calorieking...thanks Cristina! and I added everything up
    veggie sandwich
    2 black teas
    kit kat (I've already had one today) hehe
    bagel with jelly

    Alright so that came to 651 calories...assuming I calculated correctly.
    And if I eat kettle corn here in a minute lol it'll end up being
    819 calories. That sounds low to me..how many calories are we supposed to get a day, if someone is dieting how many calories should I be taking in?
  15. Depends on your size and exercise. I think you need to be around 1300 though & 1800 to sustain your current weight.