Weight Loss with Age?

  1. When I finished maturing/growing (age 15 or so), I ended up in the 125-130lb range. I stayed there for several years, and was considered pretty thin. Everyone always told me, "Watch out - when you hit [fill in the age], you'll start gaining." I'm only 22 now, but have actually been losing weight. A few years ago I hovered around 125 consistently, and now I'm 118-122 consistently.

    Anyone else experience this? There has definitely not been a change in exercise... although maybe eating habits have changed a bit (for the better).
  2. I def. didn't experience a weight loss with age. Although sudden weight loss can be a symptom of a lot of different medical problems. If you continue to lose weight and you rule out change of diet, I would see a doctor. If you're diet has changed for the better though, it's probably just because you're eating healthier.
  3. Thanks for your reply... it's been pretty gradual, so I don't think it's anything bad.
  4. Between 18 and 25 I also weighted less, but stayed pretty regular. I think it was due to lifestyle : eating less crap, and moving a lot more, more stress, more work, more parties. As long as you don´t have a significant weight loss in a short period of time it´s OK. Then after 27 years old...metabolism slows down and I don´t seem to stop putting on weight ! So enjoy the good years !!
  5. ^
    Lol I was just going to write the same thing. Just wait 'till you hit 25 - 30 and enjoy life while you can. ;)
  6. lol, I've been hearing that since I was 16, so I'm just going to pretend it's never gonna happen. ;)
  7. I weighed less in my early to mid 20's than I did in high school too. I think it was due to being more active with college and work, and eating less. But, like others have said, once I got close to 30, my metabolism slowed down. I seem to hear 30 being the age where most people notice it harder to stay slim.
  8. ^^Agreed, with me it was 27-28 coincided with getting pregnant and found it very hard to lose the baby weight. I think a lot of it is genetics, too.
  9. :tup:I agree!
  10. I'm 5 ft 4 and I used to be 105-110 in late teens, In mid twenties around 105 (just too busy with things and not eating enough). They told me too wait some day.... and yes that day has come... after 2 pregnancies and indeed metabolism slows down I'm now almost 37 years and weigh 129 and have a hard time losing (I would like to be 120-122)
  11. I was my thinnest at 24-26, between 100-110 pounds...after that it all went down hill. Oh well....
  12. Woohoo, sounds like I have at least a few more years to enjoy, ROFL.
  13. I went through a period where I slimmed down without doing much change at all in my exercise or diet...probably early 20s right out of college.

    I've never had a fast metabolism; I'm one of those who gains weight looking at food, LOL. If I don't exercise, I'm sunk. And, as I've gotten older my metabolism has slowed even further plus my body shape is (eek!) slowly changing too.

    I dropped about 35 lbs when I was 37 and got down to a size 6 (I'm 5'4"). That was my personal best ever!! Buuuut, my body is reverting back to its set point and I'm fighting it as much as I can. I'm not a size 6 anymore but I'm built pretty solid.

    My biggest pet peeve is my waistline...I've always had a teeny waist (but problem hip/thigh area). Now I'm starting to notice my waist getting ummm, a little bigger and bigger, WTF? As one of my GF's says..."welcome to 40, honey!"
  14. I'm similar to other posters - was always 105 (only 5'2") right up until this last 2 years (turned 30 last year) and now I am creeping up, and it is sure so hard to lose it. Before I could just skip a few meals if I'd over indulged and I'd go right back to where I was. Now I need to exercise my tusch off, and the results don't come that quickly. So do enjoy it while it lasts EmilyK!!!
  15. I will be 42 in a few weeks and the only time I weighed more than I do now was when I was pregnant.