Weight loss w/o flabby skin

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  1. Is there a way to lose weight quickly without ending up with lots of lose skin? What is the best way to lose weight quickly (I know, slowly is the best way, but, ugh, I need to lose weight - like 60 lbs - quickly)? Is this even possible?
  2. I think you know deep in your heart that the answer is no.
  3. You are right, spacegirl. Thanks for keeping it real :smile:

    Ah, I did like the fantasy better.
  4. You CAN lose weight and keep from having too much flabby skin, if you do it slowly and work out. It also depends on your age and heredity as well. You won't be able to completely eliminate the extra skin but working out and SLOW weight loss will help.

    Also, keeping it "real" does not mean discouraging people. Overweight people deal with enough shame- you don't need more. Get on weight watchers and just start MOVING AROUND as a start. Then as you lose, start a gentle workout plan and work your way up. Also try the DVD called Yoga for Weight Loss. It really works.

    Good luck. :flowers:
  5. IUt depends on your genetics to be honest.
    Most people that have VERY rapid weight loss do not have enough elasticity in their skin so they'll have some sagging or loose skin.
    It's unfortunate, but it's too hard to expect our bodies to always bounce completely back.
    If you lose the weight slowly you have a better chance of not having as much loose skin.

    I can tell you frmo my own personal experience;
    I was pregnant w/ twin boys. I am a petit gal normally and only gained 29 lbs w/ that pregnancy. But they were 14lbs combined and that's not including the placentas, sacs, amniotic fluids, etc. . . . just baby.
    I was in teh hospital for 5 days and when I got home I had already lost all but 4 of those 29lbs.
    I gave myself 2 full yeras to get back to prepregnancy weight and to firm back up, but teh firming never happened.
    I had lost all+ a few pounds but my tummy was SO loose {I won't go into detail, but I mean V E R Y loose :shocked:} I went to the gym 3-5 days/week every week for 2 years, my legs looked great, my arms were more toned, etc. . . but no amount of exercise can change your skin if you lost too quickly and have bad genetics.
    I went a head and recently had a tummy tuck. I would do it over in a heartbeat, but I'd rather had lost the weight slowly and firmed up on my own first if that was a possibility.
  6. How quickly do you need to lose those 60 pounds?
  7. i'd say give yourself a year, at least, to lose the 60 lbs. with something like weight watchers, you'll loose quickly at first because of the drastic change, but after that, you can expect about a pound a week if you're diligent and of average metabolism. skin elasticity is another issue - it has a lot to do with genetics, how you carried the weight when you had it, etc. i've lost about 40 lbs and have some saggy stomach skin - i want to lose another 25 or 30 lbs, and if this doesn't resolve itself naturally, i'll definately consider a tummy tuck when i'm out of college and can save up some money for it.
  8. do long slow cardio at least 5 days a week. This is hard but try 45 minutes on a treadmill at 1.8 miles per hour at an incline of 13 or more, preferably on an empty stomach. Once you can do this, then try to do this same workout for over an hour, even up to 2 hours 2 out of those 5 times a week. You will lose fat. Will you lose 60 pounds? That's another question, since you'll gain some muscle walking uphill and that weighs more than fat.

    Also, try MBT trainers. See MBT :: COUNTRY SELECTION. they help you tone up as you walk.