Weight loss related question I have always wondered...

  1. How come when people get gastric bypass/lap bands/etc, the weight comes off so quickly? Just because of low calorie consumption?

    Or does it actually do something different to the digestive system??
  2. It decreases the amount of food your stomach can accommodate, so you are fuller much faster. In fact, you eat very little. A friend of mine had it done. I think with GB a portion of the intestine is removed. I don't know about the other methods. Also, there's lots of dietary restrictions with sugar and so forth, and if you don't heed those restrictions, you'll get sick. These restrictions remain in effect indefinitely.
  3. ^Gotcha.

    But if you loose weight so quickly by eating such few calories, why do dieticians warn people so strongly about it? (meaning people who only have 20-30 lbs or so to lose?)

    LOL Sorry for all the questions! :smile:
  4. Some forms of gastric bypass also cause food to "bypass" part of the small intestine. Since most nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine, fewer nutrients (calories) are thus absorbed.
  5. Gastric bypass isn't always recommended by dieticians. In fact, there have been studies suggesting that people have died because of their inability to absorb nutrients. So losing weight quickly is never a good thing because either it doesn't stay off or it causes health problems!
  6. and i think you can only get the procedure done if u are considered as morbidly obese and it might danger ur life if u dont shed the pounds...
  7. ^LOL yeah I know. I am not considering the procedure at all (I only have apx. 20 pounds I need to lose).

    Its just with all of the media attention surrounding it, I was curious :smile:

    I actually know a girl who was about 40 lbs overweight, and she wanted gastric bypass. Her Dr. said no, she wasn't heavy enough so she PURPOSELY gained 50 lbs to qualify! But then her Dr. still wouldn't OK the surgery, so she went down to Mexico and had a Lap Band put in!!

  8. there is two threads about two PFer's that had this procedure done. There is a lot of information about all the things they went trough, I've always tought it was an easy way to loose all the weigh because you didnt want to excersise or diet, but after I read them I totally changed my mind and I DO respect these ladys.


    and there is another one I can not find at this moment posted by LivinLuxuriously very interesting, (hope she doesnt mind)
  9. ^I don't think the first person had WL surgery.

  10. You're right. She DIDN'T have surgery. She lost her weight the old fashioned way. She used Richard Simmons' food mover.
  11. I am considering having the lap band done. One of the biggest specalist hospitals that does it is in my state. It's in Cinnci, about 2 hours away.

    I've researched it and it takes a lot of effort on your part. You have to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to effectively shed your weight.

    And if you get the bypass your responsiblity and effort must increase because it's even harder than the lap band.

    Right now I'm about 60-70lbs too heavy.

    But right now my insurance won't cover it, so I'm going to wait and see if my fh's insurance will cover it and I can't enroll on his insurance until next June.

    So I've set a goal for myself to try and shed my weight by next June the old fashioned way with hard work, diet, and exersice.

    And then come June if I'm still too heavy for my body type and my health hasn't improved a great deal, then I will look into the lap band procedure.

  12. Sorry, yeah I read the thread twice and she did not have surgery. If she reads this, I apologize.

    She truly is
  13. hell_lo_kitty and jellybebe are correct. I didn't have surgery. That's okay. I am not offended. I get that a lot from people. There's been so much media attention to WLS lately, so many of them assume I must have had it to lose so much weight. No biggie. Any weight loss is good in my opinion if you're obese. I give LivinLuxuriously a lot of credit for going through such a risky procedure. She's braver than I am...