Weight loss for women over 40

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  1. I was able to lose weight; about 40 lbs when I was in my late 30's. I am now 41 and the weight is creeping back on despite exercise and diet. I also notice I look more bloated in the stomach area.

    Has anyone successfully lost weight after age 40? I am looking to lose about 30lbs. I try to follow a low carb/high protein/whole food diet. I also spin, do yoga, and have started lifting weights about 4 weeks ago.

    Any tips would be appreciated!
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  2. You should join us over in the 2014 Fitness Support thread. Several of us are over 40. I'm 51. I've lost about 20 lbs since late last summer and am within about 3 or 4 lbs of my goal. My clothes all fit again and I'm about ready to go buy a new pair of jeans! Yippee!

    I can tell you that it does get harder to lose weight as you get older for sure. If I had exercised as much as I am now (which is a lot) and ate healthy back in my 30's, I could have dropped 20 lbs. in no time at all.
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    ^^^^ +1

    Please join us over a the '2014 Fitness Thread'!

    I recently turned 50, and when I was your age I weighed nearly 160. I was extremely fatigued, amongst other things, and it got worse over a year......turns out I had a low thyroid. After I got on proper meds to put my thyroid in the normal level, I finally had the energy to workout again & made better food choices, so I still had to do all the work. I lost 20 lbs over a year and stayed around 140 for 8 years.

    When 2014 rolled around this year and I was fast approaching 50, I decided I wasn't satisfied with 'status quo' anymore and knew I could look better & feel better by losing some more weight. My biggest motivator was my health, although looking better is a nice side effect too! I already workout 4-5 days a week which is good, so needed to focus on my diet & how many calories I need a day to lose weight. There are several calorie calculators online, I know several women posted the ones they use on the '2014 Fitness thread'. They all vary slightly, so you have to start with a number and see how it goes for a couple weeks or so to see if you need to change the number a bit.

    After you figure out the *approximate* calories you need (BMI + activity level), subtract a reasonable amount to create a deficit to lose weight, but not too much so your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto fat!

    Writing down everything you eat, even for a couple weeks, makes a big difference too! I also weighed & measured out everything the first week because we often 'eyeball' larger portions, and we want to measure the proper serving size so we can count the calories correctly. Once you know what portion size to eat, you don't have to keep measuring & you know the calories in each serving is correct. It sounds like a pain, but it's totally worth it and you don't have to do it long term.

    I don't follow any special 'diet', but I do cook most of my food so I control what's in it. I eat around 40% carbs (mostly veggies, fruit, whole graiin/wheat) 30% protein, 30% fat (majority from nuts, avocado, olive oil) Basically I eat very healthily, but I do allow myself regular small treats (including ice cream) so I never feel deprived or as though I'm punishing myself.

    I also keep everything low sodium, and drink lots of water. That will keep the bloat down! And minimal alcohol if you drink. Alcohol messes with hormones, and the older we get the worse it is for us. Plus, it keeps excess fat in the stomach.....so I'll pass, unless it's a special occasion!

    I've lost 5 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks and 3 inches total. I'm not starving or depriving myself, but I am counting calories in my head daily to keep around the total I want to be, that works! I hope this helps a little, if you have any questions please come over to the '2014 Fitness' thread!
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  4. I agree with keeping a complete and thorough food and drink diary. It makes you accountable. I'm over 60 and since last September I've lost 25 lbs. I'm at a plateau now but plan to up my exercise routine beyond long walks.
  5. Hi!

    Yes, it's certainly possible. I'm also 41. After the birth if my little girl ( I was 39- closer to 40) I embarked on an exercise and diet program. This is me now, 16 months later and 40kg lighter!!! I still exercise a minimum of x3 times a week but admittedly watch what I eat. It's difficult as I'm a real foodie and I live cooking but being active and I don't mean strolling around is the key. I make sure I do some weight training and cardio. Going to body pump and body attack classes is an awesome motivator for me.
  6. For me, I had let the carbs creep up in my daily diet, then the holidays hit and I felt like I had to "participate". Now I am taking some of the carbs back out of my diet in hopes of losing weight. I only add fruit and starches to breakfast and when I feel hypoglycemic. Otherwise I eat veggies, protein and measured fats. I'm still not sure this is the right balance for me.

    I've been told that if you don't eat enough, you can hold onto weight as well. Some people say "know your macros". I have not figured that out yet. I am trying to go lower carb, higher fat now. We'll see how it works.

    The original South Beach Diet worked for me years ago, before they came out with all the processed foods. I still eat the veggie crustless quiches for breakfast and I think that helps.
  7. Atkins has worked for me in the past, but now that I am older, I want to eat more whole foods. Plus I was eating the Atkins bars and shakes and those are full of chemicals.

    I have started drinking a protein shake after weight training but they are 150 calories. I am wondering if I should skip a meal on the days I want a shake.
  8. Yes there is hope after 40. I am 41 and I have lost 120 pounds. I have another 25 more to go and I know the last 25 will be the hardest. But I do not plan on giving up and neither should you.

    What has helped me the most a food journal. I do weight watchers and write everything down. Even if I eat a cracker it gets written down. I try to keep my salt intake down to help prevent me from bloating badly and I also try to keep my carbs down because to many of those I will bloat .

    I try to hit the gym 5-6 days a week. I do a mix of cardio and weight lifting. When I first started going to the gym I was going 3-4 days a week but once I upped it to 5-6 days I started noticing the weight coming off faster.

    I still struggle to loose weight and I know it is not going to be as easy as it was when I was in my 20's or 30's but I have hope and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. Awesome and great post. Congrats on your hard work.
  10. Yes you can do this! I am turning 46, 105 pounds and still wear a bikini! I am not perfect by any means but there were definitely changes that had to be made. I gained 45 pounds when I was pregnant which on a small person was a lot.

    Its definitely harder (just in the sense you can't eat the portions you used to) but its totally doable. You have to eat less as you get older to maintain the same weight. I also believe you need to work out pretty regularly and very hard....but find what you like to do for exercise and mix it up. I truly believe weight training is also key as we get older. It really helps with metabolism. Consistency consistency I can't stress it enough. Just keep exercising. Even if its 30 minutes, go hard and do it regularly. If you eat well most of the time, you can have that cookie or pizza sometimes. And when you have a bad day eating, drink some water and move on. tomorrow is a new day. Don't continue to sabotage yourself. Get up the next morning and get some exercise.

    That' my soapbox for today. You got this.
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  12. 42. it takes forever to budge even 1 kg….
  13. I think you have joined us on the other thread, I am so glad :smile:
    Going to respond to you here for the quotes ;)

    I am 46, I lost 140 pounds over the last two years, so yes...you can do it.

    Do you know what your percentages are on your carb/protein/fat? That is probably where you might need some tweaking and why you're feeling bloated in the stomach....

    ...especially if Atkins worked for you before.

    As you may have read, a very big chunk of us in the 2014 thread are doing whole food/'clean' eating.

    If you feel bloated, have you tried cutting back your wheat (gluten), I know it seems like a buzz phrase, but I know for me it's true. With the long weekend we ate a lot so more wheat for me. This morning I was so bloated I thought for sure I gained at least a couple pounds...nope, just inflammation from the wheat. It certainly isn't true for all. My husband and kids eat a ton of whole and I am trying to keep weight on them...but might be worth testing for you.

    Congrats! I love your spirit :smile:
  14. :yes:
    So true! In my 40's I gained 7-10 lbs. I haven't lost it, but my weight seems stable at least.
    I was doing hot yoga with weights for two years, but recently switched back over to Pilates and I'm seeing a difference.
    It's tough.
  15. I've lost about 20 lbs since last September and am pretty much at my ideal weight. I drink matcha green tea every day but it wasn't the green tea that did it. The results I achieved were from eating clean and healthy and exercising vigorously 5 - 6 times per week.

    Green tea is an effective diuretic and maybe it has helped me shed a pound or two, but I wouldn't credit it with more than that. Even if you could lose all the weight you wanted by just drinking green tea, you still wouldn't be healthy and fit with good muscle tone. (I wish it did! :smile:) That all requires exercise.