Weight Loss Drinks?

  1. Anyone have any success with weight loss drinks such as Slim Fast? When I used to work at the grocery store I saw they came out with the meal drinks, and I was curious if that really worked (one drink replaces one meal). I've also heard drinking a lot of water makes you less hungry. I do not want to take the diet pill route.

    Dont worry, I plan to eat right not just not eat. I plan to exercise more as well.
  2. I had a friend who did extremely well with OptiFast. She was under a doctor supervised program. She paid over 1K for the entire program.
  3. For me the issue w/ SlimFast is the amount of sugar in it. . . . not good.
    Also, I HAVE to eat, and I mean chew and swallow! LOL!
    I can't drink a meal personally.
    You'd be better off w/ protein shakes than Slim Fast IMO.
    You can add fat free, no sugar added sherbet or fresh fruit to give them better flavor.
  4. I DO completely encourage the water drinking. It's made a big difference for me!
  5. for a lot of people, eatting is psychological, not just physical. the chewing and using a fork and whatnot is important toward feeling satisfied, and you really don't get that with slimfast. drinking a lot of water takes up just as much room in your stomach, is better for you, and doesn't restrict you from eatting healthy meals. a lot of times, i'll eat a quite small meal (think like a Lean Cuisine or something), wait a couple minutes, and then drink an entire liter of water (it's about 35 ounces) and i feel SO full, and i stay full. that's the best (and cheapest!) way to go about it. slimfast is expensive!
  6. i still have slimfast in my car.. haven't touched it coz some ppl told me it didnt work for them... but its vanilla so maybe i should at least give it a try... no harm in trying, especially since i already bought it..
  7. drinking heaps of water totally helps! I have heard that if your dehydrated you think your hungry when your actually just thirsty, I drink like 2L's of water a day now
  8. I do grab an occasional Slimfast if I'm in a hurry. I drink the "Optima" which claim to help reduce hunger. It seems to help control my appetite...but I agree that I generally need to "chew & swallow" to feel full.
  9. I tried Slimfast years ago and had short term success. It worked to take off some weight but taught me nothing about what to eat to keep the weight off and so it was regained before too long. I wouldn't recommend it especially if you are trying to lose weight for the first time. Get it right the first time so you don't have to start the yo-yo cycle that some of us have been on for many years. :sad:
  10. the best drink I have found to aid in weight loss is Fuze. it has herbs infused in it and tastes like punch!
  11. I tried Slimfast once, and it didn't help me either. I think it's pretty worthless, and it tastes like crap too.
  12. My favourite drinks that have helped me loose weight are protein shakes by David kirsch. Of course any protein shake will will give the same results, but the ones from David Kirsch are yummy...and filling.
  13. ^ congrats again, your weight loss is AMAZING! WTG!!!
  14. Thank you so much ladies! I'm going to start drinking more water & stay away from SlimFast!

    SwankyMama - I think next time I go grocery shopping I'm going to stock up on the fruits. I love grapes & apples, its just that we always have junk food in the house and so its whats convenient, LOL! I'm so lazy :shame:

    amanda - "i'll eat a quite small meal (think like a Lean Cuisine or something), wait a couple minutes, and then drink an entire liter of water (it's about 35 ounces) and i feel SO full, and i stay full" - I'm going to try that. I really need to start drinking more water anyways.

    monablu - I'm going to try Fuze!
  15. ack, yes stay away from the junk! Keep nuts in the fridge too for a quick snack that's really good for you!