Weight Loss Diary

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  1. Well DH said if I can get down to 169 he would buy me any purse I want. So I am going to be posting my daily calorie count and workout routine to see if this helps keep me on track. I weight 190 and am 5.4 so I have 21 pounds to go. Tomorrow the calorie counting will begin.

    Calorie Goal: 1600/day
    Workout Schedule: Monday-yoga 20 minutes
    Tuesday- Walking 20 minutes and 15 minutes of shadow boxing
    Wednesday- Kickboxing 40 minutes
    Thursday- Walking 20 minutes and 15 minutes of shadow boxing
    Friday-yoga 20 minutes
    Saturday- Kickboxing 40 minutes
    Hopefully with everybodies encouragement I can continue with this program. I really hope to reach my goal by March. Thanks everybody and I hope I get my bag soon. I will post everyday so if I dont I expect a lecture. LOL
  2. Good luck with your journey. I just started my weight loss journey again today with 21 lbs to lose also. I am subscribed to your thread. :smile:
  3. Good luck! Are you going to add weight training to your routine? You can build kick ass muscles :boxing:and boost your metabolism.
  4. Good luck!!
  5. WHOO HOO! A new purse for losing 22 pounds? WOW! I need a deal like that!

    I wish you and everyone else who's taking the same jouney all the best on losing. I've noticed there are tons of threads with helpful suggestions. My DH is also on a diet, he's got to lose 100 pounds, I've posted what the nutrionist told him here before.

  6. Day One:
    Exercise-25 minutes/1 mile
    Calorie Count-1600

    Well I think I should retitle this post as "Skinny on a Fat Woman" due to the fact I woke up today feeling skinny and healthy. However, the scale said otherwise and I am sad to report that my weight loss journey begins not at 190 as previously posted but at 193.6! I was in total shock. It makes it more important to continue on this weight loss struggle. At this moment I have eaten 546 calories and have dinner to go. I know I will eat around 1000 calories because it is wonderful chili with sour cream and cheese. I thought about food all day long but after my one mile walk I feel much better. My stomach feels flatter and my spirits are high. Maybe I am not the skinny person I wake up thinking I will be but I know that with time I will be.
  7. Good luck! You can do it. :smile:
  8. Good luck!
  9. WAY TO GO!! And good luck as well. Do you have any ideas yet on which bag you'd like? :biggrin:
  10. Day Two
    Exercise- Kickboxing 40 minutes
    Calorie Count-1823

    Well today it was my first day back to work and Ive decided I cannot eat out while at work if I want to eat a good meal once I am home. I had Thai Spice today and picked a healther option but it was still over 600 calories once I inputed it into my calorie keeper. This has been a hard decision to make to stop eating out at work and only eat out when DH and I go out on Friday nights. My Starbucks is only 60 calories so I dont need to give that up yet unless it becomes a problem. Kickboxing will make me feel good tonight once I kick some butt on the punching bag. I havent decided what purse to get. My favs of course are from Coach but I do like a few of the Burberrys so whatever it will be Im glad DH is footing the bill. LOL That is all the motivation I need.
  11. Day Three- Im Hungry
    Exercise: 20 minutes walking

    Im very hungry. I think my body has finally realized it is on a diet. I was starving all day. I would eat something and my stomach would just growl with frustration. I will keep pushing through and not listen to the noise that got me in this place to begin with.
  12. Drink water honey... it won't take away all the hunger but it will help! HANG IN THERE!
  13. I agree drink water!!!

    For me doing the treadmill chases away the hunger pains!!! Other things that save me are 100 calorie popcorn bags, egg beaters....only 30 calories for 1/4 cup and great with onions, grn peppers and there are a few lean cuisines I love for lunch that fill me up.

    I always have tic-tac's with me.......only 2 calories. And I bought the chewable acidophilus ~ strawberry flavor by Nature's Bounty and for some reason that makes my hunger pains go away and it's healthy for you.

    Last year I bought the WW books on eBay and lost 30 pounds....mainly due to walking everyday and learning how to eat healthy. I never lost weight until I bought these books ~ I was clueless.

    You can do it!!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Stay strong!!!!
  14. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER! Seriously.

    I just asked my husband if he would buy me a new Chanel if I lost 20 pounds and HE AGREED! Well sort of, he said he would buy me a wallet. But still, I'm so excited! Thank you so much for this idea!
  15. LOL Im glad I gave you an idea. I have also joined the Million Pound Match Up through The Biggest Loser. So long on to my teams website at
    http://friggirls.spaces.live.com and join my friends list. The website is still under construction but my co-worker and I hope to be one of the five teams to win.