weight loss advice- please!! =*(

  1. grr.. i dunno what to do anymore!!
    i have always been fairly thin/normal .. 5'6- 5'7 and 125-130 .. that was my weight forever!! all of a sudden this year i balloooned up to almost 145 (in 1 year!!) im only 20 years old, i dont eat too much (sweet tooth) , and i never used to exercise. I guess i can take 5 pounds off from my weight cuz i have a very large DD chest but other than that WTF???

    In the past 3 weeks i started working out daily and drinking a lot of water. I do 30 min a day (full body workout) / buns thighs abs arms .. and i did not notice a diffrence at all.. i mean im more toned but i did not lose any weight!

    im desperate.. summer is approaching.. i refuse to go to the beach cuz i feel disgusting!
    is my metabolism screwed up? am i doing something wrong?
  2. what kind of a workout are you doing exactly?
  3. 3 weeks isn't very long to see results. I've been working out almost 2 hours per day, 5 days per week, and I'm only starting to see results now - week 7 - and I'm only trying to lose 7 lbs.
  4. ^^ITA. A girl in my class recently started looking thinner and in better shape, and apparently she was working out since the beginning of the school year (August!). Be patient, and if you're exercising and eating right the weight will come off.
  5. Weight loss is really attached to math (unfortunately for me, not my favorite subject). One pound = 3,500 calories. So if you don't change your eating, you have to burn 3,500 calories a week to lose one pound. If you work out every day, you need to burn 500 calories per day.

    Hope that helps!
  6. Honestly, 80% of losing weight is CARDIO. You have to get your heart rate up, keep it up, and most importantly SWEAT for an hour five days a week. Walk/jog, climb some hills or stairs, ride a bike, row, whatever. You shouldn't be dying five minutes into whatever youre doing, but it should feel def like you are exerting yourself. Keep doing the abs and leg exercises, thats is going to help you FOR SURE, but it cant be all you're doing.

    In terms of eating, you should be eating pre-planned meals of things that you can count calories of. I would say, don't go over 1600 a day but make sure you get at least 1200 or 1300. Mix it up, try to get a decent amount of protein, don't be afraid of carbs, and limit your fat as much as you can. NO matter what you hear, it is simple math. The ratio can help you feel a bit better and not as hungry, as well as how many meals you break it up into and what times of day you eat, a mix in this area may help you stick to it better. But the only thing that really goes into the loss of pounds is the number of calories you eat, and the number you burn, of anything, anytime of day.

    Its so boring and I'm sure you've heard it all before but I guarentee you, this is the easiest sure fire way. There is no magic: just dedication, repetition, and a few months, and you'll have what you want :smile:

    Good luck!
  7. I had this problem when I graduated from college and took a desk job. I got up to 150!!! (I'm 5'6.)

    I lost the weight very, very slowly using two methods: I wouldn't eat any junk or snack food until I had eaten 5 servings of fruits/vegetables for the day. So, around 3 pm when I'd want fries (we worked near a McDonalds--very bad), I'd make myself "finish" my 5 a day goal--and after you eat a raw apple (or TWO!), you just aren't hungry. So it was a healthy appetite control method.

    I also would, if I'd had my 5 a day, drink sugar-free/calorie free (crystal light) with metamucil. That way I'd get fiber AND feel full. My main problem wasn't that I was trying to starve myself, but that i had problems with portion control and snacking.

    HTH. Also cut down on refined foods: white flour and white sugar. And no soda and less sodium. I need to take my own advice--I'm back up to 130. My goal is 120.
  8. I use this program, and it works like a charm: Cool Running's Couch to 5K (google that). It's amazing, and I'm so unathletic, I used to get bad grades in public school gym class.
  9. i have this channel on verizon fios called fittv (chanel 143)
    I do gilad's workout every single day (excluding weekends) at 6:30 p.m
    i make sure to eat my last meal b4 the workout

    thanx for all the advice!:heart:
  11. Two things that help me keep my weight at normal now that I have a desk job are (1) quitting soda and (2) eating fruit for dessert. I used to drink soda several times a week, and now I only have it maybe once a month. After a while, I didn't miss it at all, and really prefer water now. Also, eating fruit for dessert helps get in an extra serving of fruit each day and keeps me away from sweets.
  12. Don't think anyone else has pointed this out, but muscle is heavier than fat so you may be losing inches but not losing weight, and it'll take you a little longer for the weight to come off.

    I tend to be more concerned with how I look & feel than my weight, if my clothes fit me I'm happy.
  13. Is this true? I don't have to overeat that much to put on a pound, does it not work in reverse?

    My weight keeps creeping up and up yet I haven't realy changed my diet or exercise (or should that be no exercise) routine.

    You should probably give it a couple of months of seriously trying, but if you do not lose any weight, you maybe should see your doctor. If nothing else they should be able to give you tips on eating and exercise.
  14. Give it a few months before you really see the changes. Just keep exercising, eat right, and build your metabolism. You will get there!:smile:
  15. Given your age, my doctor says that if you are over 40, you WILL put on 5 pounds every year if you just maintain your current eating and exercise routine because your metabolism rate starts to decline every year. What a bummer!!!!