weight loss 1st trimester...

  1. I've lost between 8 and 10 pounds since July 2nd. I am only 5'4 so it's a fairly noticeable difference for me. I believe it is from cutting out the junk since I have found out about being prego. Before, I was 124, on the more heavier side than I had been in the past few years. I was junking out at nite, going from one thing to another and not eating very nutritious meals... basically whatever looked good. Like I said, since prego I have cut out the candy and all that stuff... I believe that is the big part of the weight loss. I'm not able to eat much due to nausea, but I'm making sure what I am able to eat has as much nutritional value as possible. I know many woman lose weight the first trimester, not sure how much, but I hoping mine isn't on the drastic side. I don't want to try and shove down unhealthy stuff to put the weight on because it seems that wouldn't be good either? My OB said as long as I'm taking my prenatals and getting my fluids in the baby is getting what it needs (i've been drinking at least 70 oz/day). and I know many woman aren't able to keep things down and only getting by on crackers and bread and stuff like that... I hear everything will catch up and even out by next trimester... I basically just want to make sure this loss isn't too big a concern...
  2. Once you hit second trimester, I'm sure you'll gain back some of the weight you lost due to morning sickness during your first trimester. Good luck. I don't think you should worry at all since your ob told as you as long as you take your prenatals. :biggrin:
  3. I lost 25lbs all told, and I ended up with a healthy 7 1/2lb baby girl. I had a bad case of hypremisis, so I'm just giving you a worst case scenario.
  4. I lost 15 lbs during the 1st trimester both times I was pg. I gained it back during the 2nd and gained another 15 in the 3rd. If you're concerned, let your dr know; maybe you can meet with a nutritionist who can lay out a diet plan for you.
  5. I lost 10 pounds during my 1st trimester because of my morning sickness. But by the time I delivered my son, I had gained a total of 25 pounds. I think it's very normal to loose weight in the 1st, especially if you are not feeling well.
  6. To be sure, just ask your OB, but I have heard many women lose weight. I would be happy if I did when I were pregnant, but going off of my mom, I probably won't. She gained 90 lbs with my brother!! :wtf: :amuse:
  7. I only gained about 18 lbs. with my second baby. I lost weight but ate a lot and ate healthy. My OB was concerned and kept telling me I had to gain weight. I think I also lost weight due to changing my eathing to lots of fruits and vegetables and seeing a personal trainer......I had a very healthy 8+lb girl.
  8. I lost 6kg (13 pounds) during my first trimester due to bad morning sickness. My gynae assured me that it was no worry because the baby needs very little at this stage. I'm 33 weeks now and have only put on 5 kg. Again, I have nothing to worry about because the baby is healthy and heavy.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you. I have friends who had morning sickness throughout their pregnancy and didn't put on much weight. They all end up having very healthy babies.
  9. I lost around 3 kgs (+/- 7 pounds) in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Now I've gained them all back, and I'm at +2 (+4 pounds) from my pre-prego weight. I look perfectly normal, except the bump in the front! The preg-o-meter the ob-gyn gave me shows that I should be around +5kgs at this point (+11 pounds) but she told me that I have plenty of time to "catch up" with weight. The last ultrasound showed a huge baby, on the bigger side, so I am not worried of not having gained "enough weight". Just enjoy your pregnancy!! And do not stress yourself for your weight, the baby will be fine :tup:
  10. I lost a few pounds too in my first trimester.... I gained almost 20 lbs in my fifth month, almost the end of my second trimeter. is that even possible?? I put on 20 lbs in one month.. scary.. but my doctor told me it was normal..
  11. Good! No need to worry then!! :smile: Thanks!!
  12. I lost an alarming amt of weight in my first trimester with my first child. I had HG and was sick constantly. After I gave birth, I was thinner than when I got pg, but my baby was born very healthy.
  13. I lost 12 pounds in the first trimester- not because of HG but because I completely went off sweet stuff, greasy food and meat(especially roasts). I ate much more healthily than my normal and had a lot of fruit and veg. I'm 32+ weeks now and so far, I've put on 15 pounds. I'm not really weighing myself too much but I think I'm putting on a pound each week now.
  14. I lost almost 20 pounds in the first trimester, i couldn't keep anyting down and was in the hospital a few times for iv's.