Weight Gain During Pregnancy

  1. if u guys dont mind, let's share how much weight we have gained during each/the pregnancy.

    let's start with me. at 32 week, i have gained 20 lbs :rolleyes:
  2. I gained 60lbs+ with my DD and lost it all.

    I'm hoping I can keep the weight gain to 30lbs or below with this pregnancy.
  3. i am actually worried that i am not gaining enough but i seriously eat like a pig and stuff myself as much as i can..

    maybe it's because i am not sleeping well.
  4. I'm the same way. I'm right around when you're due and have only gained 20 lbs. I was told I still have 9 lbs to go per my doc.
  5. I gained 29 lbs total weight gain with my pregnancy.
  6. my sister so far has gained 45 pounds.
  7. Let's see.

    DS 1-70 lbs
    DS 2-35 lbs
    DS 3-44 lbs
    DS 4-(so far 29 pounds) LOL-hopefully I won't gain much more!
  8. First child I gained 38 pounds.

    With 2nd child I am 35 weeks and only gained 9 pounds (but I am on a GD diet).
  9. Well, w/dd I gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40 pounds and was big all over.

    With this one (I'm 27 weeks), I only have a baby belly, my rings still fit (which they did NOT w/dd) and I actually still have a shape, but I've already gained 23 pounds. I'm trying not to gain too much and am exercising regularly which is making a huge difference!
  10. I'm at the 25th week and have gained 8 lbs so far. It's not a lot but I feel great and the baby is quite big already, so the ob/gyn told me not to worry about the small weight gain :tup:
  11. With my first child~ I gained 40 lbs

    Currently almost 29 weeks and have gained 20 lbs fat and 10 lbs water. My feet and legs are like sausages.

    I hope to stay at 30 lbs.

    I lost all the weight the 1st time and got into even better shape than before I was pregant by doing aerobics and cutting calories. I swear by it. I did it 3-4 x/wk and I used free weights. I have 20 videos that alternate with weights/aerobic activity.

    Denise Austin is the best!

    I didn't realize I had actually got toned until I saw my sister and she remarked on it.

    So~ If I can do it, we can all do it!:okay:
  12. my first- gained 60 lbs, lost 50 after birth.
    second- gained 48, lost 38. She's 3 months

    I was pretty worried my second pregnancy, I didn't want to gain to much but I wanted healthy baby! My weight went up and down between a few pounds through out the whole pregnancy. My doctor said not to worry about it and to eat healthy. Well, as you see I gained less then my first pregnancy and I had a 10lbs 3oz healthy baby girl! She surprised us all we thought she'd be around 7 or 8lbs.

    Talk with your doctor, she'll have the best advice and tell you.
  13. my OB keeps on saying everything is fine. He refers my pregnancy to be very "textbook". Nothing alarming. So I guess it's a good sign. Plus I am a dietitian myself and I eat super well during my whole pregnancy and stay quite active (2 hour walk everyday).

    From the 4D pics we got yesterday, baby does look quite healthy.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
  14. Ah you got 4D pics! Lucky Mommy:smile: They don't have those yet at the hospital here. I was bummed.
  15. I have a coworker who said that she gained eighty five pounds with her only child, and that she never really lost it all. I thought to myself, "WTF, how many kids were you carrying?" My mom told me that she gained about seventy pounds with my brother and I...but she must have lost it all fast, because pics I saw of my mom when we were kids show her as being on the thin side. I'm quite sure that if I were to ever have kids I'd balloon up and then stay fat--another reason why I don't want any.