Weight gain and muscle building...?

  1. Hi guys,

    January, I went back to school and started pilates and kickboxing once a week each. I also noticed that I've gained like a total of 3 lbs within about three weeks :wtf: which surprises me because when I weighed myself right after Christmas I was still at around 124 lbs.

    Now, I am 127 lbs :wtf: I haven't noticed my clothes or jeans getting any tighter, I would say I feel about the same, but I was wondering if pilates and kickboxing could've contributed to my weight gain, since I've been using my muscles quite a bit in those classes...:sweatdrop:

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!! :sweatdrop: I haven't gained weight for many years...and I'm just feeling a little concerned because I worked hard to lose 40 lbs before I hit 124 lbs.
  2. Hi Karman -

    Muscles weigh more, so if you build muscle you will gain weight!

    I used to weigh 135 (at 5'10") and probably wore a size 6-8 jean. When I quit smoking I jumped to 160 lbs and proceeded to go higher than that. I worked out, ate right and got back "down" to 160 and wore a size 6!

    I was actually a smaller size, at a heavier weight, after working out then when I was "skinny" and not working out!

    Too many women do cardio only...when you lift weights (and they don't have to be heavy) you burn fat faster and more importantly you "sculpt" your body.

    Keep up with the working out! You will not only feel better but look better as well!

    I worked out with a Pilates trainer on the reformer, earlier this year and it was the most amazing workout I've ever had! I worked muscles I didn't know that I had!!!!
  3. ^Muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1 pound of muscle = 1 pound of fat = 1 pound of bricks = 1 pound of feathers.

    However, you may be gaining muscle before you are losing fat. For the best gauge of your progress, check your measurements and how your clothes feel.
  4. I'll tell you what though I would much rather have a pound of muscle than fat.

    I worked out for a long time and was about 145 pounds, could fit in me jeans nicely and felt great. Once I stopped working out I was 145 pounds and muscle to fat ratio was not a good thing. Struggling to put on the same pair of jeans.

    Great that u r working out though. Keep it up.
  6. A pound of fat takes up more volume than a pound of muscle :tup:

    Anyway Karman, you are just gaining some muscle mass and that is nothing to worry about, you won't get all bulky and manly! I took the same classes in college and they were really fun!!!! I barely noticed that I was also working my butt off! :biggrin: I hope you have fun and don't worry about the weight gain because no doubt your clothes will continue to fit just fine!
  7. Muscle DEFINITELY weighs more than fat. It is all about the density.

    Karman you are on the right road! You are gaining more muscle which is great. keep it up! I love kickboxing its awesome.
  8. Sounds like your body is just adjusting itself to the new routine. You have probably built some new muscle and then your weight may readjust itself as you burn fat (if you even have any). I'm sure your body is thanking you for the new exercise! I love kickboxing and I just started pilates 2 weeks ago, it's pretty fun as well.
  9. Stick w/ it and don't give up!!! You will start to build lean muscle mass but you must do a combo of good eating, weights and cardio! Sometimes it takes a while for your body to get adjusted, but I can tell you from definite experience that it works!
  11. Yes, *if* you take into account the density. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat but it takes up a lot less space and burns a lot more calories.
  12. This is why I dont own a scale haha. Dont go by what you weigh go by how you feel in your clothes. That is the best barometer for me.