Weight Gain After Training Stops?

  1. I was running a lot preparing for some 5K fun runs and then stopped training so hard and boom I gained weight! How do you go back to non-training work outs without the weight gain?
  2. What do you mean by "non training" work outs? Do you mean off season work outs, or are you working out but not running as much?
  3. We're you eating more to keep up w/ your body's demand?
  4. A lot of times after you stop training, you continue eating the same. I know when I am exercising heavily, I crave/need more food. I think your stomach expands to accommodate for the additional food and when you stop working out, your stomach still signals for more food. you either need to start eating less or start working out.
  5. I guess I got use to eating more during training and thought my metabolism would adjust to the change when I didn't run as much.
  6. The calories you burn - the calories you intake = your weight gain or loss.