weight compared to clothing size change

  1. I've been wondering how much weight you all feel you need to gain or lose to actually go up or down a size? I'm usually able to wear most of my clothes if I stay within a general ten pound range. But I think if I gained more than about five pounds, I'd would definitely have eaten myself out of my clothing collection.

    I know this is sort of a frivolous question...but let's face it, a lot of us have a big collection of jeans that cost hundreds of dollars a pop, along with all sorts of other great items, and it would really suck to be unable to wear them (in some cases, even if we're LOSING weight!)

    Opinions? :biggrin:
  2. Hmmm...well about a year ago I was 12 pounds lighter than what I am right now, although I was a little too thin (so I'm told). Back then, my clothes would hang on me, now they're a little too tight. I would definitely go with the 10 pound theory.
  3. At the age of 42, 5 lbs. definitely changes the "tightness" factor of everything on my lower body.

    I'm 5' 7" and weigh 135 lbs. but 5 lbs. makes a difference for me. At 140 lbs. my stomach "pooch" is more prominent and hips and start to spread. At 130 lbs. pants feel great, but my face gets sunken in and very thin.

    I have to work out to look good and toned instead of just losing weight and being thin and sunken in.

    Men have it sooooo easy!:lol:
  4. Isn't that the truth? On the beach- their "beer bellies" are supposed to be cute??? :lol: But if so much as an ounce of fat appears on us...we are hippos! :rant:

    I'd say about 10 lbs too, though. I've just lost 6 and my clothes are noticably roomier but I'm not quite ready to drop a pants size yet...
  5. So true!!! We can't have a butt but they can have a gut. So unfair!:lol::lol::lol:
  6. It depends on your body structure and height. For me I can put on about 5-10 lbs and still fit in my pants. But I am 5'10. It depends on where my pants fit tighest to begin with too. I carry weight in the love handle and lower stomach area- but not in my legs really. So it depends on your body I think.

    Unfortunately for me, I hide weight well. Hence I can put on 10 lbs and think I'm ok, but I'm really not :rolleyes:
  7. Does anyone know about pucci sizing? I wanted to order a top on ebay (and don't want to have to exchange/return if possible to avoid) What size would a Large be? I know that with Euro designers I usually need bigger they seem to run small. Anyone have input?
  8. Yeah i agree.

    In my case, i can 'safely' put on around 5-7lbs and still comfortably fit in the same clothes. But i do find that at the higher end of the 5-7lbs i tend to 'overhang' a bit, yet i cannot go up to the next size because it would just hang off me.

    I am 5ft 4 and weigh around 128lbs most of the time and that is ideal for me (though i'd like to tone up a bit more)

    In general, a UK size 10 is always perfect for me on the top and the bottom because i carry weight evenly and i still keep my waist.
    When i weighed 42lbs more than i do now, i even got bigger boobs, so i guess in that respect i'm lucky.:shame: :smile:
  9. i've lost about 16 pounds and gone down about a size and a half since the end of april. to me, 10 pounds is where it starts to make a difference.

    and it kinda sucks, because now all my clothes are too big and i'm too broke to buy more...*sobs*
  10. I weigh 128 (naked in the morning) and I check it every morning - I am a perfect size 6 and have a closet full of clothes - even 3 pounds up and I begin to feel it. I have my scale in my bathroom area and weighing myself is the first thing I do everyday. A little obsessed you say? you betcha!!
  11. I'm 5'5" and five pounds can make a size difference for me; esp. on the bottom.
  12. I am 5'4" and yes, 5 lbs does make a difference on me too. When I lost 35 lbs about 3 years ago I went from a size 12-14 :sick: down to a 6. But it also depends on the clothing designer too as we all know...I've gained a little back and am holding steady around size 8 with a few 6's now a little snug, bleeh!
  13. I'm 5'3" and five pounds makes a big difference. I recently went from about 118 to 113 and my clothes fit quite differently. Probably because it all came from hips and torso -- there was nothing to lose anywhere else.
  14. if i gain five pounds my bras don't fit right anymore. it takes about 10/15 for my pants to feel too tight/loose. now i'm afraid to lose anymore than i already have because my jeans are so expensive! :smile:
  15. ^^^EXACTLY! That is my concern as well -- the jeans. Sadly, I never have problems with my bras getting too small.