Weight and Pregnancy

  1. Need some advice here....
    I just stepped on the scale this morning and I have gained about 15 lbs in the last 6 months :cursing:.. let's just say I think I got carried away with the whole "better enjoy it now before I get pregnant" since DH and I are TTC.

    Well, here we are... we are finally TTC and I am about 20lbs overweight, 15 lbs over my normal weight. (5'9, athletic build).

    So I am determined to shed this weight quickly, and I know I can by cutting out all the extra calories that I have been indulging in and kicking up my work-outs, thats not the problem....

    The problem is, do I put getting pregnant on hold, or can I lose weight during my first trimester (with a sensible diet...I just go back to my weight watchers eating).

    Reading what I've read about what you need the first trimester and that you shouldn't gain weight and only need 300 additional calories, it seems like I can still achieve my goal, getting to a normal weight for me .

    I don't want my weight to get out of control, like it has for most of my immediate family, but I also don't want to wait any longer to have a baby....:confused1:
  2. oh, I honestly can't give you any advice - only a doc can IMO. if you ask me, i'd say shed the weight (well maybe not all of it) and then get pregnant. thinking about weight loss while pregnant is not a good idea from my POV.

    would you say that you would have to worry about your weight gain levels during pregnancy if you start off from your current weight? i hope that makes sense...

    I recommend you talk to your doc about this. if it is no problem to go ahead, get pregnant now and lose the weight later. you will always have time to lose weight but time for being pregnant may be now? I have lost more weight than i started out from since giving birth, and I have kept it off until now. so you can worry about all this later on as well :smile:
  3. I wouldn't put TTC on hold, but definitely put forth the effort to lose the weight you are uncomfortable with. Once you find out you are pg, then you can stop calorie restriction and vigorous exercise. Eating a very healthy diet and walking every day will keep your pg weight in check and you will be just fine.
  4. I agree with Lori - don't put TTC on hold, and do what you can to shed the weight while you are TTC. I just read an article today while in my OBGYN's office that said you actually don't need any additional calories in the first trimester, a little over 300 in the second (I forget specifically what weeks they listed) and a bit over 400 in the third. once you are pregnant, I would talk to your dr about attempting to lose any more weight, but you can certainly keep up the exercise, and it'a actually a very good idea b/c it will help with labor and recovery. With my dd, I did nothing and was just HUGE! With this pregnancy, I've been working out 5-7 times a week - either walking my dog a few miles a day, doing my recumbant bike or using my pregnancy aerobics tape. I'm 24 weeks and have gained about 19 pounds, but I'm not bloated the way I was with dd during pregnancy and I'm "all baby" as opposed to all over!

    Good luck ttc!
  5. I agree too. . .
    go ahead and try to shed some of the weight while TTC.
    If you conceive and you're a little over your ideal weight, you could just gain slightly less.
    I'm usually a little over my ideal but never gained more than 29 lbs, even w/ my full term twins.
  6. I know it's easier said than done but try to lose weight while TTC. My doc tells me that although losing weight while pregnant is bad, there's nothing wrong with watching what you eat and the portions. Just like you said, we only need an additional 300 calories, not 3000. Right now I just eat A LOT of green veggies and certain fruits that are low on the glycemic index such as berries. I try to eat raw w/ the exception of meat/fish as much as I can and a moderate amount of whole grains and egg whites. Without overindulging and with brisk walking, cardio and light strength training, you'll be toned before you know it. Portion control and lots of water consumption have a lot of do w/ it as well.

    Good luck! :tup:
  7. I put on 4kg when I was trying to conceive because I had hyperemesis gravidarum (severe form of morning sickness) in a previous pregnancy. Otherwise, my doctor advised that putting on too much weight isn't ideal when you're TTC because it can lead to problems during pregnancy.
  8. Thanks guys! I have reigned myself in and already dropped 5 pounds. I think 3 of that was my period and the other 2 water. But I was so active this weekend and felt really good about it. I am on my way back to a healthy balance...

    I think I got really nervous about getting pregnant and just started eating because of it... anyone else experience this?
  9. Wow! You only gain 29 lbs with your twins! I gain 70 lbs :crybaby: I also went full term - 39 weeks 2 days! :yahoo:
  10. I very much agree with this. Go ahead and shed the weight while TTC. When you receive a BFP, then switch from a weight-loss routine to a healthy maintenance routine. You ought to be fine, and you can shed the rest of the weight PP if you aren't to your goal weight before you conceive.
  11. I refuse to get on a scale while pregnant, try to eat sensibly, and deal with the weight later.
  12. Well.. My normal weight is 120 lbs... I'm already 160 lbs now!
  13. I starting eating more too once we decide on TTC. I'm on the slender side, and heard that being skinny doesn't help with fertility. I gained 5 pounds to 120 pounds.