Weight a minute....

  1. I have seen many posts about how heavy some bags are. Is this a problem for others as well as me? Heavy bags kill my back and arms when I'm out for along time with a bag on my arm or shoulder, but I cannot find a light bag that is just perfect for me and can hold everything.

    Any suggestions for a bag that is light and leather and beautiful? Any bags to stay away from?

    So, for curiosity's sake, how much does your bag weigh? What is a good weight for you, and what do you carry that makes it weigh that much?

    I weighed a leather Hampton's medium pebbled carryall with my wallet, keys to two cars and two houses, mini skinny, cell, sunglasses, pens, a few lipglosses, tiny antibacterial goop, tiny calculator, mirror, eyedrops and various coupons and pieces of paper and it weighed about 4 pounds according to the bathroom scale. I think it's too heavy.

    Maybe my bag just needs to go on a diet!!!:s
  2. Its true what you toss in there can weigh it down. I remove my agenda and some other stuff when I am not working. The ergo hobo's seem lightweight and so do some of the signature shoulder bags.
  3. lol I will get back to you on how much my bag weighs. For some reason I never had my handbag bother me, I have had my laptop nine west bag bother me, but the reason for that is my books and laptop. I carry a lot of stuff in my handbag, I switch my bags every 2-3 days and there all coach except for one dooney bourke. There all medium to large handbags I carry my large wallet, cell phone, pens, lip gloss, hand sannitizer, calculator, notepad, some paperwork, car keys, dayplanner, sunglasses, and my checkbook...its a lot but I cant leave the house with out them. Im unsure which bag would be good for you that is light weight because I never was bothered by my bag being heavy:smile:
  4. I agree I have had a lot of signature bags and they are all great.
  5. I carry my whole house with me in my bag so that always weighs me down... It really helps that half my bags are tokidoki made of rip-stop nylon. Most of my Coach bags don't weight much, but the Carly weighs a ton to me compared to everything else I own!! I know there are a lot of other Coach bags out there that weigh more than the Carly, but maaaaaaaaan!! As much as I love my medium denim Carly, that's my main gripe - the weight!!

    As far as weight my bag with everything in it, I don't have a scale... As long as my bf can continue to do push-ups with me on his back, I should be all good. *lol*
  6. I have a really bad back. I don't have any bag suggestions, but I usually just take what I need when I go out. Most mornings, I usually take all the stuff out the things I don't need so it doesn't kill me all day. So like eg. Instead of using your calculator, you could use the calculator on your phone.. :smile:

    By the way, I love your catchy thread title. Very cute.
  7. My heavy bags include: Most legacy items, especially the Mandy! The Carly hardware makes it heavy, and the Signature Stripe Tote (with one strap) and heavy dogleash clip/strap is like the one on the Carly also weighs the bag down.

    Now, much lighter bags, even when fully loaded are ERGOs! The Tote is very comfy, and the hobo is good, but can become overstuffed (as well, my bag contents need to be trimmed down). I also have two signature stripe totes with double handles (large tote #11099 and Denim Large tote #11180), and they are much more comfortable. It may just be the distribution of the weight with the two straps, versus one larger one. They also don't have the dogleash clip on the end. I use these for work and carry books, etc in them and they're still comfy. The Legacy Leigh in leather is also a lighter bag - again, I think it's because of the lack of the clip.

    the bag itself is not as much the issue IMO, but the hardware on the bag that adds the weight.
  8. Stay away from: Mandy, Lily, Miranda, and large totes (we tend to carry more)
    Might want to try: Carly in Signature
    I tend to carry my whole life when i have a big bag so it weighs a ton. Right now goin light with: slim envelope wallet mini skinny pens cell phone ipod planner and make shift beauty case so I'm aroung 2-3lbs (the bag is shoulder flap and light) I think as women we try to be prepared for situations so we end up carring extra stuff all the time.
  9. I've been addicted to large bags for many years but have had back problems after carrying twins, so I've been searching for smaller bags. If you work/commute by car and don't have to carry things that far, a smaller bag coupled with a larger tote might be the trick. It's harder for people who commute by train or have to walk long distances and need to carry more.

    I know the legacy bags can be heavier b/c of the hardware but I really think a lot of it has to do with how much we carry in them! Except for Miranda, Lily and the other weighty offenders, it's often the stuff inside that really adds to the back pain.

    I bought an ali slim flap in chocolate signature and I love it. It is lighter and easier to carry. I also keep a larger tote in my car for my agenda/files/ other stuff that I need to have with me.

    I realized this when my shoulder started hurting one day after lugging a 'work and kid item' filled Coach on a day that I was running errands alone! No need to schlep all that stuff everywhere!

    Good luck:smile:
  10. Has anyone else noticed that there have been LOTS of articles about how big bags are in style but are causing so many back problems, especially for young people?

    I've seen these articles in O Magazine, Real Simple and a couple of others. They're all hitting at the same time. Interesting.
  11. i had health problems carrying too many heavy books in my shoulder bag in uni (i m a small person- only 4"7) so i keep my purse light. i leave as much as i can at work (ie glasses, granola bars, tissues, tylenol, lip gloss, brush, etc) and just carry the bare minimum w me. this is y i m not so into huge bags anymore. i cant fill them up!
  12. the ergo bags are definitely lighter weight than some other styles out there! I have the ergo large tote that can hold a ton...but I try to keep it light as even this bag can get heavy if stuffed. But especially the patent ergo large hobo is truly lightweight. :heart: I can't wait to start using mine!
  13. just threw my bag on the scale and it weighs 6 pounds.... what the heck do I have in there lol
  14. I agree with Ergo tote suggestions, I LOVE the look of the other bags, but the weight stopped me from buying them. The Ergo is so light, yet can hold what I need, I just love it! Good luck finding the perfect bag!
  15. I agree about the ergos also...i had an SA tell me they were specifically designed to be their lightest bags