weigh in

  1. i dont own a hermes bag YET but iv been wondering the last few days, are birkins heavy when empty?
    im the kind of girl that has her life in her bag, my poor LV speedy currently even has a cardigan and spare shoes in it, but i dont suppose i would want to abuse a birkin in the same way if i ever get one.
  2. I will be the first to say that they can be heavy depending on size and leather choice! (I base it more on once you place your things in it...so I guess that means they are a bit heavy to begin with)
  3. i thought someone might say that.
    presume we are talking about a 35 birkin. which is the heaviest leather?
  4. My 35 clemence birkin is really heavy without anything in it. If you are comparing to Speedy.....it's heavy like a rock. But I love it to pieces...
  5. i wouldnt compare anything to my speedy, its the lightest most basic of bags really, thats wht i carry so much junk in it.
  6. cherry pie, some feel their bags are heavy, and some do not. I had a friend who actually weighed some of hers and there's not a significant amout of difference in the leathers or sizes unless you go way off the scale....like comparing a Birkin 25 to a Birkin 40!

    Still, it seems that what you load it up with:p makes the biggest difference in the weight.

    A couple of weeks ago, I tried a B 35 in clemence. I was drooling over it in the store. It wasn't the weight as much as the bulk that threw me off.

    Can you try out differing sizes before you buy? Maybe find an understanding SA who will want to help with your concern....or perhaps a friend who has several sizes/styles?
  7. I think isus is right on here...it's so subjective that you're probably best off actually handling the bags and deciding if the weight is an issue for you.
    They do tend to be heavier than many other bags, yes. It doesn't bother me personally, but I don't really pack my bags that full either.
    In my opinion, the lightest leather is Epsom (too lightweight for me personally, actually), and then I would say that box and chevre are also fairly lightweight to me.
    Of course everyone has their own opinions and I may be forgetting something!
  8. For grins and giggles, I lifted up an Birkin 50 (yes, a 50) and it was soooo heavy empty that I would need to have an Entourage carry it for me and since I am not VB, that will never happen! Even the SA had a hard time getting it off the top shelf and hoisting it down to me!!!:roflmfao: That was lots of beautiful leather though...it was turquoise.

    I'll stick to the idea of a 30 for now...:yes:
  9. Yes they are heavy...heavy like no other bags I own. Clemence and barenia come to mind when I think of some of the heavier leathers...
    Ostrich is one of the lighter ones.
    But these are relatively small differences. Any way you look at it, the all-leather Birkins are heavy...
  10. ^^especially after you load 'em up with a rainbow of small leather goods!
  11. ^^the more the better, IMO!! :smile: Sure beats having to do an upper body workout...