Wei East?

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  1. Anybody familiar with it? Does it work well with Asian skin or is it good for all skin color/types?
  2. LOL are you watching QVC? The chestnut firming stuff looks promising.
  3. :PAm I THAT transparent? I'm watching the Heroes mararthon now..I am such a sucker they do a really good job selling stuff on the shopping channels!
  4. So did you order anything? I know what you mean by them making everything look like its a miracle in a bottle. LOL
  5. She's selling to anyone with any skin type - and boy is she selling!!!! She is too aggressive for me, I can't stand her - she could put water in a bottle and sell it as a mysterious Asian beauty secret!!!!!!
  6. Bump...she's on HSN right now.

    I've seen her a few times so I broke down and ordered the Eyes Alive / Chestnut Eye Firming kit for $19.95. I've never used her products as well so I'm bumping to see if anyone has.

    I also noticed that she sells cosmetics too.
  7. I have the MMU. I liked it about the best of the MMUs I tried.
  8. /\ Thanks Rondafaye for the review of her MMU. I'll post my thoughts of her eye cream when it comes. Every time I've seen her on QVC or HSN practically all of her stuff sells out so there must be other people that like it. lol
  9. I love the green Herbal Cleanser from Wei East. It is great for combination skin.
  10. i've seen it on tv but haven't bought anything
  11. My SIL loves HSN and will purchase anything off it. She got the whole Wei East kit with all the skincare, lotion, masks, you name it. Of course I tried whatever I could. I love the body lotion, it smells very fresh and clean. I tried the mad pack too but I still think my Queen Helene is way better. I also tried the serum which isn't too bad. But I wouldn't buy it with my own money.
  12. Do you know whats really bad is when you fall asleep to QVC. You hear it in the background and it brainwashes you. That happened to me when I fell asleep to Wei East this weekend. I managed to fight it off though.
  13. haha! Yeah, her voice does draw you in - even when you're sleep.