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  1. Ok....I just returned from Wegmans....otherwise known as Mecca.....
    Has anyone ever been to this store. I have never been in a grocery store like this before. I just stood in the middle of the store with my mouth open. The selection was incredible..the quality.....
    Anyone have these stores in there area? Does it stay nice like this? How are the prices. I was actually to overwhelmed to shop today. It was the size of like 2 Targets......

  2. wegmans is def the largest supermarket i've been to. i spent hours there when i lived in ithaca. the prices are pretty good too. sometimes, too much choice is just as bad as too little choice. i remember that i looooved the fruit tarts that they sell. still haven't found anywhere that's as good!
  3. I am a really good shopper but I felt like a total retard today. I was so overwhelmed I walked out with two lemons and some basil. I just couldnt take it all in. The marketplace (prepared foods) looked incredible. I had my little one with me, I think I might go one night alone and look around. I feel like throwing a dinner party as I was so inspired by all the beautiful food!

  4. I've been there when I went to visit my aunt in Syracuse, NY. It's definitely huge. I wasn't in there long, but I do remember that the flowers were really pretty and that they had an awesoime selection of prepared foods (which tasted very good, btw. We bought some stuff for the drive home). I think it "stays nice," since the one I went to had been around for years and still looked gorgeous. I have no idea about the priices, but they must be pretty good because I think my aunt does nearly all her shopping there.
  5. There are some super markets that are definitely better. Whole foods. You can check it out outline. Also Food emporium.
  6. When I lived by a Wegmans, I absolutely loved it....the fruit selection was always fabulous...but definitely pay for it. Now, I live by Whole Foods and love it...but everytime I walk out of there I feel like I've spent a small fortune, but don't have many meals to show for it. I keep going back though...so I guess it's worth it.
  7. Wegman's just opened here last October. It was a huge deal and I fell in love with it. They take a lot of time to train their employees and that is really important to me. If I'm looking for a cheese, it would be nice if they knew what the heck they are talking about. I call it the Gucci of Grocery Stores.
  8. Wegmans is hands down the best supermarket on the planet! Whole Foods can't even compare to Wegmans. Go to "Wegies" bakery department and buy one of their french vanilla muffins...one bite and you will swear you have died and gone to heaven!
  9. The area where we are relocating to as a Wegman's. I agree, it is a great grocery store. I love their chicken salad from deli (and I am the world's pickiest person when it comes to chicken/tuna salad). Yum!!
  10. I love Wegman's! I miss them (used to live in NJ) now that I live in the DC area, although I know they've opened one in Fairfax somewhere.
  11. They just opened a Wegmans here last weekend...dying to go there...sooo tired of Whole foods......I heard its amazing...
  12. It's sort of close to Fair Oaks mall. I went there once, and it's quite nice, although I don't cook so it's not as exciting for me as it is for a lot of people.
  13. Yah, Wegmans is a great place for grocery shopping. I usually hate grocery shopping, but i fell in love with Wegmans. Although the price is pricey, but i still think it's a little cheaper than Whole Foods.
  14. Thanks for the tip. I will have to take a trek out there soon. I've heard it's really nice. I'm not much of a cook either, but I just loved their prepared foods, and bulk candy section :shame: .
  15. I live in Rochester, where Wegman's started. The flagship store is about three miles away from my house. There are now about 70 stores -- upstate New York, New Jersey and they are expanding into northern Virginia. Having had Wegman's all these years has been partial compensation for living in this grey climate. Wegmans is always pushing the envelope. For example they entered into a partnership with a fishery in Canada to have farm raised King salmon where they totally controlled the environment and can still sell it for less than wild salmon. They have an incredible array of fish, cheese, incredible produce and fresh baked multi grain breads of several varieties. Rochester is not the most stimulating place to live, but have Wegmans, plus and an outstanding athletic club, (both nearby) plus a lot of good music (Eastman school), are some of the compensations . . .