Weeks back..

  1. Remember my lil post that turned into a little arguement a couple weeks back? Well I just wanted to post an update. My mom left for the Phillipines, and me and my grandma went to San Diego. Everything was fine in SD, but my grandma did go a little crazy once and awhile but it was ok. So things in SD were fine.

    But I guess a week into the lil vacation away from home, I got a call from a neighbor. He told me that someone broke into my house, and ransacked the house. They stole my computer, camera, shoes!, some of my moms purses with important documents and credit cards in it, and they also ate my food and drank my water!

    Good thing I went to SD, because if I was at home and that happened, the outcome couldve been worse. My mom is back home safely from the PI, and my grandma is at home with her, while im still in SD since theres nothing to do back at home now. I do miss Long Beach :crybaby:
  2. I'm sorry to here about your house..thank goodness you weren't home..who knows what would have happened!
  3. Sorry to hear about your losses. Whenever things like this happen to me, I just think that it is the universe opening the door for me to get even better things. I wish this for you!:flowers:
  4. omg I hope everything is ok in the end
  5. Oh..I am so sorry! At least you are positive about it..You are lucky it didnt happen while you were home..GOOD POINT!
  6. Oh no that is terrible! I'm glad that you and your family are okay
  7. I'm so sorry this happened!! I've had my house broken into and had everything stolen before, so I know how it feels. Luckily our insurance covered everything, hopefully they'll be as kind to you.
  8. I'm really glad your grandma's alright Reynaldo. I am also very glad you are safe. I'm sorry about what happened. Luckily those things are replaceable.
  9. I'm sorry your house got broken into, I hope everything was insured. How are you doing in SD? Are you planning to stay there?
  10. Oh my god, I'm sorry that your house got broken into, but thank god you weren't in there! Wow, and to think you initially weren't too keen on leaving for SD... destiny is a weird thing...
  11. I'm sorry your house got broken into. It might've been a good thing that no one was home or who knows what could've happened. I hope the credit cards were canceled and the documents won't be used for something bad.
  12. That's terrible. I'm glad to hear you and your grandma's okay and your mom's safely home from PI
  13. Thank goodness you all are safe and sound.
  14. I'm sorry to hear what happen to your house and I hope the insurance will cover for your loss. :flowers:

    And welcome back Reynald! We miss you here.