Weekly purse count...

  1. I'm just curious and thought it would be fun to see how much we all buy in one week. So who bought a b-bag this week ending October 13th? Pics would be cool too :supacool: !

    As for me, I got my 2nd b-bag thanks to the positive forces of purse kharma that permeates this board. Behold my Noir City :yahoo: do I still count as a newbie?
  2. Congratulations on your pretty black City (classic Bbag 'must have').
    This week I was sent 3 and returned 2. (1) A 'supposed to be Blue India City' but it turned out to be a cornflower City with really, really good leather (major SA boo boo); (2) A Marron hobo with really, really bad veins (& thinner leather)... the veins were so bad that they 'clouded up' the beautiful color (big disappointment); (3) Absolutely GORGEOUS thick, smooth & non-veiny leather Marron City (this is the only Keeper!). No more planned.....
  3. From Aug 22nd until now, I have bought
    8 B-bags. Of those 8, 7 were for myself.

    Aug 22nd-1
    Bought Sept 25th, arrived Oct 3rd-1
    Bought Sept 28th, arrived Oct 4th-1
    Both bought Oct 2nd, both arrived Oct 11-2
    Bought on Oct 5th, arrived on Oct 12-1
    Bought Oct 9th-1 on the way
    Bought Oct 11th-1 on the way

    Currently trying decide between 2 more B-bags...
  4. You know we need more details.......styles, colors, etc.:P
  5. Yes, what did you get?? Pics please.
  6. I just got a Griege First this week from Bal NY :yahoo:
  7. In the last week I bought my first 4 Bbags:

    1. Ink First
    2. Emerald/Green First
    3. Gray City
    4. 05 Bordeaux Work

    Have only received the Ink, which arrived today. Dying to buy another 10 if I could afford it, which I can't. Busy liquidating my closet treasures to make more money for more Bbags:nuts:
  8. Just bought a Magenta clutch from NM today!!! Should be receiving it next week sometime.

  9. ^^ lol, congrats, you're a goner now girl
  10. decophile- Can I ask you where you got your Bordeaux work ? :drool:
  11. I bought a Bordeaux City this week from a lovely PFer... can't wait to get it! :rochard:
  12. Just bought a caramel parttime from Bal NYC for my bday!

  13. Congrats! I didn't know they still carry a Magenta clutch :nuts:. Can't wait to see pics!

    I only have two B-bags (blueberry city and magenta box) purchased the same month :yes: . The box was intended for a present but it ended up staying with me :lol: .
  14. Rouge VIF city.
  15. I bought:

    * a Rose Pink City
    * a Black Money Wallet
    * a Magenta Shoulder
    * another Magenta Shoulder with Magenta hardware (not sure if its a shoulder though)

    Now what shall I buy next week?
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