Weekly professional blowouts -- do you get them?

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  1. Just curious when and where you get yours done (and how often, if more or less than once a week).

    This is something I'm very vaguely considering making a part of my routine. My issue is that I can barely stand to go in for haircuts (I need one BADLY) but I despise the salon atmosphere. However, no blow-out looks quite like the one you get from a pro...

  2. I get mine blown out once or twice a week, but I have several friends who are hairstylists who do it for free!

    You're right, there's no blowdry as stunning as a professional one, but if I don't have anywhere special to go to, I won't pay $50 at a salon for it.
  3. I used to get bi-weekly blowouts at a dominican salon $25. They are the BEST! So sad that I moved away because I hate straightening my own hair.
  4. I bought a super expenve hairdryer(the same one my stylist uses) and i can pretty much give myself a killer blowout ,yself.The trick is to WATCH your stylist like a hawk when she blows u out.....u learn all the tricks!!!!
    BUT I do have her blowout my hair EVERY time i go away....
  5. ^I agree. I used to ask a million questions whenever my stylist did my hair, so I pretty much know how to do it on my own. A good blowdryer and shine serum is all you need, really.
  6. my mother and sister both get them, both once a week.

    i do not, but i'm lazy and cheap. i style my hair well on my own, and my stylist is too far away to visit on a weekly basis. i do get a blowout every time i travel, whether it's for work or pleasure; it's one less thing to worry about.

    my sister is in college and works two part-time jobs, but this is something she budgets for. she saves loads of time and her hair always looks perfect, so for her, it's totally worth it. my mother always wanted to do this, but always felt it was too much of a splurge. she's a big, big saver. after my sister started getting it done, my mother decided to too! she goes every sunday morning, and my sister goes whenever her very busy schedule allows.
  7. Jill and bisousx, if only you knew... my hand/eye coordination is to bad I cannot wield a hairdryer and a brush in two hands at the same time! Oh Lord. I wish I were talented enough to do my own hair. You gals may be right about the expensive hairdryer -- perhaps that's the key difference between doing it yourself versus having a salon blow your hair out.

    canada's, I think this may be too much of a splurge for me, too, if not for my pocketbook, then definitely for my psyche... I'm incredibly low maintenance, generally. But I know I'd look 100% better if I just took a moment to work with my hair (which I will not do thanks to a lack of skill and a lack of desire)... or have someone else do it.
  8. I've always had this question for people that get their hair blown out once a week - do you, then, not wash your hair until you go back to get it blown out again? I've always been confused about this, because my hair would look really greasy after about 4 days, kwim? Maybe I just don't understand the routine - enlighten me!
  9. I always wondered the same thing...my SIL does this twice a week - I don't believe she ever washes her own hair, which I don't understand at all!

    I only get my hair blown out by my stylist when she cuts it - every other visit - the other times I only get color, and I blow it out myself. I like it better when I do it myself, actually - I have curly hair, but I blow it out straight. My stylist works with too small a brush - and she gets to EVERY strand of hair - by the time she's done, she's blown most of the body out of it too! I'm not that particular - maybe some of the inside layers stay a bit wavy, but the top layers are smooth and I have a LOT of body when I do it myself...then again, I've had many, many (many, many) years of practice! I get more compliements when I do it myself - including from my stylist!

    I also use a very good professional dryer as well as professional brushes - it does make a difference!
  10. I'm not a fan of having my hair professionally blown out - yuck! I like it much better when I do it myself. When I go for a cut I usually leave with wet hair, they look at me like I'm nuts, but no sense in paying the extra money for something I hate!
  11. I used to get them 2 or 3 times a week. It was the biggest perk to being very good friends with a salon owner that worked next door to me. I really miss the free hair styling! I was so lucky. I could kick myself that I didn't really appreciate how good that was while it lasted. But, he's not doing much hair anymore and he's only open 2x a week so he's always booked. I don't get free blow outs or last minute styling anymore.

    Gahh... I really miss routine blow outs. I wish to God I had the time.
  12. I get them twice a year :X that's how often I go to a hairdresser. but yeah if I go there I usually have the blowout included unless they charge extra and a lot for it. I did it once myself at one salon as it was a simple haircut and I didn't wanna pay extra (think it was 25€+ just for the blowout, no thanx)
  13. Hardly get blowouts, unless I go in for a haircut. But when I'm in Asia, it's pretty inexpensive, like $10 or under, so I always went every 2-3 days. Hahaha...

    I'm one of those girls that needs to wash her hair every day, so people that go get blow outs, do you wait until the next blowout to wash your hair?? What do you do in between to keep it nice? My hair gets really limp and greasy.
  14. I do usually wash my hair and let it air dry. And I don't like to blow dry instead use the flat iron to straight my wave hair.

  15. I keep hearing both good things and bad things about those salons. So I dont know if I should do it.

    however I get my hair blown out professionaly bi-weekly...that is if Im not lazy