WEEKENDER: Which color to make my first?

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Which Weekender would be best for me?

  1. Black RH Weekender

  2. Anthracite RH Weekender

  3. Bleu Lavande RH Weekender

  4. None. You need to go to a Balenciaga Anonymous meeting!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, my user name is Hypnosis and I am a Balenciaga addict. :P

    I have many assorted Balenciaga styles but have not gotten myself a Weekender yet. I'd love to get one for travels but can't decide which color I should go for. Right now, the choices available are Black, Anthracite, and Bleu Lavande. I've tried to come up with a Pro/Con list but it has me deadlocked too. I'd appreciate any help in pushing me towards a choice.


    Pro: Classic. Won't show dirt.
    Con: I have a Black City that I use during my travels so I may get bored of carrying black bags.

    Pro: I LOVE this color! Won't show dirt. Versatile.
    Con: I already have a Courier in Anthra which I occasionally take on my travels.

    Bleu Lavande
    Pro: I love this color & would probably carry it more daily than the other colors.
    Con: May show dirt more easily. Would be paranoid about putting it through security screeners.
  2. I would definitely love one in BL, but if it's something you'll use daily and for traveling then black might be a bit better. I would be so paranoid about getting BL dirty. But if you're usually very careful with your bags then go for BL - the colour is so gorgeous.
  3. Black
  4. oh i have this exact dilemma too! i'm sorry i can't be of more help, but no matter which you choose, they are all gorgeous! good luck!
  5. I voted for black. Will show less wear if you do really intend to use it for travel.
  6. I voted for Anthra. Even though you already have it in a courier, the shapes are entirely different and Anthra goes with everything and looks cooler the more and more you use it ;)
  7. Definitely Black for travel, cannot go wrong with that.
    I use a Plomb GSH WE for travel, it is just perfect !
  8. IT's a tie between Black and Anthracite for me. Don't get me wrong, I like BL too, but I'd be afraid it get dirty if I use it as a flight bag.
  9. Hmm, you already have bbags in black and anthracite, so I would vote Bleu Lavande. However, the possibility of it showing dirt would be a deterrent. I'd still go for that one though.

    But if you do want to be practical, bblack or anthra is the way to go.

    Sorry I'm not of more help:shucks:
  10. I have an Anthra GGH WE and I LOVE it- it barely shows any marks or dirt at all and doesn't require any babying to keep it looking totally fab. I bought it thinking I wouldn't get much use out of it, but I ended up carrying it really frequently and using it EVERY time I travel. I'm really attracted to WE's in pop colors like Bleu Lavande, but I wouldn't get one that I was planning on using heavily, as my bags tend to pick up more grime and wear when I travel.
  11. 3 great choices but black gets my vote :tup:
  12. Tie between Anthra - because you already said you LOVE ( all in capital letters) this colour, and it really is the ultimate go-with-everything shade; and Bleu Lavande - because you do love it, and there's something about a big travel bag like that in a super pop colour and all that amazing leather (vegan I can never be:graucho:)!!

    I have a WE in Ruby, and I always take that for traveling, no matter what colour I am wearing. There's just such a holiday vibe (even if I am going for work) taking that Ruby WE. No one else seems to care much about it, and it does not show any dirt at all.

    And, Bleu Lavande may be even more versatile that Ruby;)
  13. you cant go wrong with black,you wont have to baby it as much, which is important because when your traveling you have enough to focus on. good luck!!
  14. I'm still as torn as I was when I started even though the overwhelming votes are for Black.

    I recently spotted a Coquilicot WE and now wondering if I should go for that. (I blame you SkyBlueDay with your comments on your beautiful Ruby!)
  15. I voted Bleu Lavande! Beautiful color.