WEEKENDER (WE) rumor control

  1. hey guys, according to my bal sources, there are NO plans to discontinue the WE.:smile: however, there has been limited production of the WE with giant hardware bc of the low volume of wholesale orders. for example, although bal ny ordered the WE with giant hardware in all spring colors, they will not be receiving it in all colors bc of low wholesale orders. the WE continues!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. thank you ma'am! :yes:
  3. :sweatdrop: feels better now!
  4. :upsidedown: :lol: :upsidedown: :lol: :upsidedown: :lol: does that mean I can put my wallet away again! PHEW!!!!
  5. phewww... thank u chausse
    it's my fave b bag and have i mentioned it enough? :p
  6. :happydance: what a relief!! TY!!
  7. Did you call Bal NY?
    Sarah didn't call me back, but understandably so with the Joseph situation. Their buyer must have come back by now, but I don't want to pester them... let me know. Thanks.
  8. YAY :biggrin: Thanks for the info!
  9. Excellent as I so want this eventually - phew breathe a sigh of relief - thanks for posting.
  10. :sweatdrop: pheeew thanks for the info!
  11. Good news !!!
    Thank you Chauss the WE Queen ;) !!!
    BTW : you convinced me !!! My last b-bag will be a WE !!!
  12. thanks for the info - ive been wanting a weekender for ages
  13. Thank you, chauss. I had a serious case of the vapors and was unable to check on this awful rumor myself.
  14. Whew..one day I will own one!
  15. Well, that's a relief, because I can't be buying a WE right now. Thanks, chaussure! :rolleyes: