Weekender (WE) questions

  1. those of you with weekenders - do you enjoy them and carry them often? what colors do you have? I'm contemplating on getting one for my next bbag purchase(whenever that'll be) thx.
  2. ink and emerald.

    and just ordered grey one.

    I like the men's with longer handles a lot more tho.

    I use them ALL the time.
  3. Just bought mine last week and didn't carry it yet. I've chosen a black one (can see pics on the forum), a men Weekender.
  4. I have a Marron WE and I have only used it once on vacation last week. Here's a pic.
  5. great bag, mrg, a good size for vacations. that's a nice color, too.
  6. Geez all these weekender talk is making me so anxious about seeing/buying the main spring colors.

    I love this style but i feel like it's too roomy for what i usually carry...but I know i have to have one anyway
  7. Thanks purse fanatic! I love the distressing on my bag. When I used this bag for vacation I was so scared it was going to get dirty going thru security.:graucho: But it didn't!
  8. i bought one but it was too big on me it ended up in my closet
  9. MRG, are the handles really as small as they look!!?
  10. The handles look so small, how can you fit it on your shoulder? Do they stretch after some wear?
  11. I just received my choco WE yesterday and I've been wearing her ever since. Absolutely lovveee her! :love: I have been carrying her to school though, so it is more convenient to stuff books and papers etc in it. Attached is a picture:p

    Azure, the handles are not too tiny that you can't wear the bag on your shoulder. I've been carrying it on my shoulder with ease. However, I think if you are wearing more than 1 layer (eg: a thick coat) than you might have a problem. Otherwise, it's fine :yes: