Weekender........vert gazon or cafe?

  1. Which would you choose? I love the green but I'm afraid it might be too bold for the weekender. Should I get a Cafe that is modest and goes with everything or be bold and get the green?
  2. Both are beautiful colours - I have a First in Vert Gazon and a Brief in Cafe :yahoo:

    If I were going for a large bag like a weekender than I would definately pick the Cafe because the Vert Gazon is very vivid and maybe too much in a big bag :push: :sweatdrop: That is only my own opinion because I am a neutral girl at heart although love the little First in bright colours :love:

    Let us know what you decide :yes:
  3. On thursday I saw vert grazon weekender at Bal NY and it was absolutely STUNNING! Such a beautiful bag. If you are looking for a neutral do cafe....if you wanna make a statement and have something more wild, the vert grazon weekend is soooooooooo beautiful!
  4. Cafe all the way
  5. I would get the VERT GAZON because
    #1 - its better than an everyday bag - its striking
    #2 - the colour is tdf and has a lot more personality than cafe which in
    essence is *just* a brown bag!
  6. I love the green and in the weekender it makes such a statement!
  7. I've just been thinking about how nice the vert gazon would look in the weekender size. I'd love to see it, definitely.

    As an aside, I saw what I believe was a weekender in HN Leeds last week. I'm pretty sure it was because it had three studs on the front instead of two, but the reason for my doubt is that it didn't look very big. In fact it looked rather like I'd imagined the Work size would. So actually not as big as one might think. Sorry for the OT. I'll be quiet now.
  8. Vert!

    As a guy who loves the Weekender, i am jealous that women can rock the colored bags much better than men.
  9. I would choose cafe because I love the color and would prefer a more neutral color for a weekender (and I like vert gazon in the first). But if you love green and want to be bold, go for vert gazon!
  10. If you are choosing a weekender to accent the rest of your (black?) luggage, green all the way! I love seeiing a brightly colored accessory w/black/brown luggage.
  11. cafe'
  12. I was going to say cafe for a larger style like the Weekender, but after reading the other comments, I have to say that the vert gazon would make quite a statement!
  13. VG baby!
  14. Cafe...I prefer brighter colours for smaller bags
  15. Cafe, I just think in the larger size that colour would it more justice, I too am a neutral girl at heart.