Weekender, starting to obsess

  1. I have my heart set on a weekender. I'm not sure if i should order one now, wait until the fall colors come out, (since the rumour is that leather will be a bit thicker,) or just be patient and wait for a super good color to come up on ebay. but then, i'm such a freaker, i am always thinking they are going to be fake... any thoughts. I'm not that wrapped up about color, just something fun to bring with me on weekends, and overnights.
  2. there are a couple on ebay right now that are legit.
    bordeaux and pewter.

    I wouldn't count on the leather being any different on the new bags, but it might.
    I say, wait, and in the meantime check out weekenders on eBay, they rarely pop up. If you should find one you are interested in, post it in the Authenticate this thread and we can check it for you!! :smile:
  3. I think you are right, you know how it is when you start to obsess though. I NEED RIGHT NOW, that whole thing.
  4. I think that if ceejay doesn't want the '04 marron on ebay - you should snatch it up! I have two fall '04 bags and the leather is incredible, you won't find a new one like that!
  5. i do think it's pretty.
  6. Make sure you do PM Ceejay first if you want it, just to make sure she isn't contemplating it (thanks mimi;) ) she's been thinking about it for awhile.
    And yes, I just caught that "B" it's not Bordeaux!! sorry!
    But, like I said, there are a few genuines there now.

    If anything pops up, like I said, post it for us!

    And yes, I know how it gets with the obsessing. Totally.
  7. oh i definitely wouldn't grab it w/o making sure, not to worry.